10 Latina Mami Influencers You Should be Following on Instagram

As a millennial Latinx mom, I’ve found that social media is like my gateway to feeling normal

Photo: Unsplash/@thiiagocerqueira

Photo: Unsplash/@thiiagocerqueira

As a millennial Latinx mom, I’ve found that social media is like my gateway to feeling normal. I don’t mean normal in a boring way. I mean normal like, “wow, there are actually a lot of other people like me out there in the world.” Seeing what other moms that I can actually relate to are doing—how they are raising their kids and living their lives and balancing the complexities of it all—isn’t just validating, it’s also inspiring. There are so many of us out there doing incredible things that fill our hearts and grow our minds, as well as those of our children. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration and encouragement, check out these 10 Latina moms on Instagram.


Janet Gomez


Janet is a blogger, event designer and mom to a toddler out of Los Angeles, and honestly her IG account is gorgeous. She loves fashion and décor and her photos show off her seemingly effortless style, which is sure to inspire your mami wardrobe.


Paloma Paultre


Paloma who is actually a singer with a gorgeous voice that gives me all kinds of Erykah Badu vibes, runs a super-inspiring Instagram page that touches on a bit of everything including faith, parenting advice, and absolutely adorable moments with her two-year-old son. She even has a fun feature she calls “Mommy Tips Monday,” that she does on a weekly basis.


Ruby Medina


Ruby Medina is a mom to two little girls and runs the L.A Mamacita blog, a guide to affordable family fun in the Los Angeles area. Her IG page documents all of the fun adventures she goes on with her littles, along with plenty of special moments from their home life.


Claudia Felix-Garay

Claudia is the incredibly stylish mom to a young toddler and the type of person you look at and just think, “yeah, she was born dope.” She actually runs successful style and beauty blog, The Penny Closet, that has been featured on a number of mainstream media outlets, but there’s plenty of style inspo and links to her posts on her Instagram page.


Bricia Lopez-Maytorena

Bricia is a mami, food blogger and restauranteur with a killer Instagram page for anyone that loves to travel and eat. She recently went on a trip to Oaxaca, Mexico and her Instagram story was magical. Bricia shares bits of her family life on Instagram, but it’s her pictures of the authentic Oaxacan food that she cooks up that will keep you coming back to her feed.


Rory Lassanske

Rory seems like the type of mom that just doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks. Her kids are a little older than mine, and I feel like her Instagram pics give me a bit of a glimpse into the future. She shares lots of snaps of her kids having a blast, their travels, her work life, awesome meals and more. It’s basically an extension of her blog, Mama Contemporanea, which covers all of the same topics.


Vanessa Mota

Vanessa who is a mother of two, has an incredible food blog that’s all about cooking healthy meals from scratch for her family. Fittingly, her Instagram is packed with photo after drool-worthy photo of her creations. It’s literally all the family meal inspiration you’ll ever need, with lots of Latin dishes as well as traditional American food and a bit of International cuisine thrown in there too.



Mari’s Instagram account has the moniker Academic Mami and I just love it! As you would expect, there’s lots of inspiration for moms pursuing their academic and career dreams. But what I love most is how she depicts a realistic work/life balance, often working with her kids at her feet or bringing them along to various events. Plus, she stays representing the culture.


Miriam Reza


Miriam is a mom of three, raising a blended and multi-cultural family in Texas. Her Instagram shows off lots of the special things her family does together, as well as some super-cute mommy and kid style posts. Miriam also runs an up-and-coming YouTube channel called The Kids and Us, where she chronicles hilarious moments with her family.


Vanessa Boudreau


Vanessa is actually a mommy-to-be and lifestyle blogger, who shares tons of her style and beauty finds, as well as travel photos that’ll give you some serious wanderlust. Since she’s expecting her first child, she’s also posting lots about her pregnancy and how she’s preparing for the baby, which makes us even more excited to see how her page will evolve once baby arrives.

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