14 Iconic Latina Characters to Dress Up as For Halloween

From Betty Suarez of "Ugly Betty" to Wednesday Addams, we've rounded up some of the most famous looks from Latina characters

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Halloween is almost here and with just days left until the big day, we’re sure many of us are looking for a quick costume to put together for our parties or trick-or-treat outings. Dressing up as Latina characters or icons hasn’t always been easy considering the lack of options. We probably had to dress up as white Disney princesses or other non-Latinx characters from TV shows and films we loved at the time. Even though representation still has a long way to go, we have a lot more characters to choose from today in Latinx-led films and shows or ones that include us in some way in the mix like Barbie, Encanto, and Wednesday. There are definitely more out there than are on this list but these Latinas will have that one special outfit to let everyone know who you are or, if they’re from a TV show, a few outfits for you to mix and match. Read on to learn more about 14 iconic Latina characters to dress up as for Halloween this year.

Maria from West Side Story

Maria from West Side Story (2021) became an instant fashion icon again upon the remake’s release. Played by Rachel Zegler, this version of Maria slightly updates the classic outfit from the original 1961 film, featuring a white dress with a heart-shaped neckline, a red belt, a cross on a gold chain necklace, sheer tights, and brown high heels. For make-up and hair, swipe on some bold red lipstick and brown eyeshadow, as well as a half-up, half-down hair-do, and you’re ready to go to the dance!

Anita from West Side Story

We love Rita Moreno’s lavender dress when she played Anita in the original WSS, but Ariana DeBose‘s yellow version is one we’re still thinking about (it was so good, in fact, that it helped the film win an Academy Award for Best Costume Design!). For this costume that was featured in the “America” sequence, you’ll need a pleated yellow dress with a red underskirt for volume, off-the-shoulder sleeves, and a strap around the neck. Also grab a pair of yellow heels, red lipstick, red nail polish, bold eyeliner, and gold hoops. And don’t forget Anita’s signature 60s hairstyle with lots of volume and curls!

America Chavez from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

America Chavez is still one of the few canon Latina superheroes we’ve seen on screen in the Marvel universe, so dressing up like her is a great choice! You can either purchase the costume ready-made or have some DIY fun with it! If you decide to go the second way, thrift a jean jacket or grab an old one you don’t mind changing, and paint it the America Chavez way: red and white stripes on the shoulders, stars and flames on the sleeves, and skull on the front. For the rest of the outfit, keep it simple with a grey t-shirt, black jeans, a black belt with a silver buckle, and black sneakers. For extra movie authenticity, add a pride pin right above the front pocket. Get ready to save the world!

Gloria from Barbie

America Ferrera has worn so many iconic outfits throughout her career and her role as Gloria in the hit film Barbie is no different. Get ready to go all monochrome pink with a light pink sweater, pink blazer, pink pinstripe pants, and pink heels, and finish off with your favorite big gold hoops. For another one of her iconic looks, swap out the sweater for a pink and orange polka-dot blouse and plain pink pants. Either way, you’ll be pink and fabulous! Empowering speech about being a woman not necessary but a bonus.

Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto

At this point, it’s safe to assume every Latina has dressed up as Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto or wants to. You’ll need a traditional white blouse and long blue skirt, both with a lot of symbolic embroidery, as well as pink ballet lace-up flats and round green glasses. Don’t forget her signature head of short, bouncy curls, purple pom-pom earrings, and crossbody bag. The beautiful part of this dress is that every stitch and color means something to Mirabel, her culture, and the movie, and you’ll be continuing that legacy when you wear such a beautiful costume out.

Dolores Madrigal from Encanto

Going out with your bestie on Halloween? Have them dress up as Dolores Madrigal to replicate the most iconic pair from Encanto. Because of all the intricate embroidery, her dress is a beautiful representation of her super hearing power and features a white and gold lacy top and red skirt with yellow ribbon and white underskirt. Be sure to add a red ribbon choker with a gold pendant, small gold hanging earrings, red shoes, red lipstick, and a high up-do with a big red bow.

Milagro Reyes from Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle is an instant classic and an obvious costume option but it’s not just the Blue Beetle himself that works. Milagro Reyes (played by Belissa Escobedo) is the quick-witted teen sister of Jaime Reyes and though she’s not a superhero like her older brother, she still has iconic one-liners and outfits from the movie. One of them she wears to the secret lab, featuring a tiger tee, black undershirt, black jacket with a Reyes patch, a silver necklace, red glasses, and two braids.

Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty

You can also try dressing up as another one of  America Ferrera‘s iconic characters, Betty Suarez from Ugly Betty. Her signature look includes thin red glasses, button-ups and skirts with unique, eye-catching prints, sweater vests and cardigans, her pearl necklace with a B letter charm, braces, and bangs. To make your outfit accurate and unique, look at her various outfits throughout the show for inspiration and see how she pairs all kinds of prints together that you might not otherwise match. You could also go with one of her most iconic outfits: the red Guadalajara poncho! If you’re still stuck, follow this rule of thumb: the louder the outfit, the prouder and more like Betty you’ll be!

Jasmine Flores from On My Block

Dressing up as fan-favorite Jasmine Flores from On My Block will have you reaching for the most fun, exciting pieces in your closet! She has many unique looks throughout the show but be sure to include some of these basics as a foundation: a jean jacket, big statement hoops, flowers in the hair, bright prints (including leopard), and her iconic checkered fanny pack. Remember, the more fun, the better!

Santana Lopez from Glee

Honor one of the first queer Afro-Latinas to grace the small screen by channeling Santana Lopez from the cult classic show, Glee! While she has many cute outfits throughout the show, you can never go wrong with your iconic red and white cheerleader outfit with matching pom-poms, an optional long white sleeve, and your hair in a high ponytail. You’ll be ready to cheer the football team AND sing in the glee club!

Wednesday Addams from Wednesday

This list wouldn’t be complete without Wednesday Addams from the hit Netflix show Wednesday that has taken the world and Latinx community by storm. If you’re trying any of her iconic looks, you’ll need to grab all the black clothing you own. You could try dressing up in her school uniform or the black tulle dress she wears to the dance, or perhaps her most iconic outfit: a long-sleeved black polka dot dress, big white collar, black tights, black nail polish, black Mary Janes or any black shoe. No matter what direction you decide to go, don’t forget her famous pigtail braids and you can add bangs to if you like!

Isabel Fuentes from Fools Rush In

Looking for a cool throwback costume? You can’t go wrong by dressing up as Salma Hayek’s character Isabel Fuentes from the 1997 rom-com Fools Rush In! For a timeless, beautiful look, wear a black leather jacket over a white tank top, black leather skirt, gold belt, and black leather shoes. Pull half your curls back with a clip, add some silver rings and hanging earrings, and get your partner to dress up as Matthew Perry’s character to complete the look of one of the most beloved movie couples featuring a Latina character.

Letty Ortiz-Toretto from Fast & Furious

The Fast & Furious franchise is already 12 films in and Letty Ortiz played by Michelle Rodriguez remains one of the most famous and iconic characters from the films. Given that she’s constantly on the run, driving cars, and fixing messes, her looks are utilitarian and simple but flattering at the same time. Depending on which era of the franchise you’re going for, the specifics may change but constants will include a tank top, silver necklace, cargo pants, and a leather jacket. For an extra touch, you may want to bring a motorcycle or car fixing tools so you’re always ready to go on a mission!

Drea from Do Revenge

Upon its release, Do Revenge became this generation’s Mean Girls meets Heathers! What was most amazing was getting Drea, the first Latina mean girl in a teen movie who was played by Riverdale alum Camila Mendes. She had so many iconic outfits throughout the film but one of her most memorable was her green school uniform with a short-sleeved white polo, green sweater vest, plaid green tie, plaid green pleated skirt, green high socks, and white shoes. Depending on the scene you’re copying, you can also tie a green sweater or short green cape around your neck, and for an extra special treat for like-minded Do Revenge fans, bring along your daisy drink tumbler!

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