10 Latino-Owned Shops You’ll Want to Shop From Right Now

There is major buying power in the Latino community but it takes some digging to find Latino-owned shops where I’d prefer to spend my money

Photo: Instagram/hijadetumadre

Photo: Instagram/hijadetumadre

There is major buying power in the Latino community but it takes some digging to find Latino-owned shops where I’d prefer to spend my money. I know there are TONS of dope Latinx entrepreneurs out there, so I’ve made a list of my favorite shops for your  buying pleasure, and you can follow them all on the ‘gram! 


Shop Uniique


@shopuniique sells and imports beautifully embroidered handmade products directly from Mexico. They offer ethically produced bags and textiles that don’t appropriate or imitate a weaving tradition that goes back to at least 1400 BCE. They help support over 30 indigenous artisan families in Mexico State, Oaxaca and Chiapas communities. And if that wasn’t enough their stuff is really cute!wp_*posts


If you’re into sequins, sparkles, and adorable designs then Jessica Resendiz’s has got you covered. Her shop @RaggedyTiff is a self described folk cultural style with a twist. She makes everything from graphic tee’s to bags and Frida head keychains! She’s also moving into formal wear and gowns with her “Con Amor” collection so watch out prom season!


Hija De Tu Madre Shop

Do you love colorful patterns and cute necklaces? I know you do! @hijadetumadreshop has an amazing collection of fun crop tops, emblazoned Virgencita jean jackets, and purses shaped like sandia. You know you love it!


Mi Vida Boutique

This place is a Highland Park staple! @shopmivida is a one stop shop for all of your apparel, jewelry, pin, hat and gift needs. You can buy a candle of Our Lady Selena and some “Chula” bamboo hoops in one swoop! You can also visit their shop IRL to check out their Art Gallery space.


Somar ATX

Want to be covered with pan dulce? Don’t we all. @somaratx sells the concha boobie tees which should be a go to top for summer 17’! The shop run by 3 Texas Latinas is a celebration of Mexican culture and diversity.


Bella Dona

@belladonala is the quintessential streetwear shop, but you already knew that. Lala and Natalia drop Latin inspired pins, tees, sweatshirts and stickers that will keep you LA swaggin year round.


Conchita Queen

If you’re looking for something traditional and custom made look no further than @conchitaqween. She makes amazing made to order Mexican inspired ensembles perfect for the girl who wants to show stop on the weekends.


Dx Collective

“Rawest Threads You’ll Ever Wear” is right! The @dxcollective is apparel inspired by LA tattooing, lowrider culture, love letters, inner city Chicano culture and community muralism.


The Peralta Project

Caribeñas rejoice! The @peraltaprjct has come to save the day! His street wear includes apparel geared toward the afro-Latinx caribbean experience. He’s also got tees with his some of his pop art creations featuring Selena, Frida, and Celia Cruz.


Espacio 1839

This Boyle Heights shop is a cultural hub for it’s residents. @especio1839 offers a wide variety of Latino and resistance inspired apparel. They also sell books, patches, candles and serve as an art gallery/event space! You can check them out online or visit their shop IRL.

Did I miss any of the shops you love? Let me know and I’ll include them in my next roundup!

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