12 Mesmerizing Halloween Makeup Tutorials by Latinxs on YouTube

Halloween costumes are important, but the makeup takes the whole look to a different level

Photo: Unsplash/@salva_alt

Photo: Unsplash/@salva_alt

Halloween costumes are important, but the makeup takes the whole look to a different level.

Sometimes Halloween makeup is the entire look — intricate, gorgeous, and defying logic. But if you’re no professional MUA, you might need the help of a makeup tutorial to help you get the look you need. So we’ve rounded up a dozen Halloween makeup tutorial YouTube videos for you to choose from.

What’s more? They’re all by Latinx women!

From our Latinx Queen Selena, our favorite goth Wednesday Addams, Frida Kahlo, and many other spooky and cute Halloween makeup ideas — these girls right here got your back if you need some tips and pointers.

Now, go on and choose the makeup look you’re looking for to elevate your Halloween costume to great heights.


MonicaStyle Muse’s Dark Halloween Glam for Morenitas Makeup Tutorial

Our first Latinx Halloween makeup tutorial is by Afro-Dominicana MonicaStyle Muse. It details how to create a dark and moody, yet glam look for Halloween. Monica Veloz describes the look, perfect for so many themes and costume ideas, basically as the beautiful before version of La Llorona.

wp_*postsDesi Perkin’s Selena Makeup Tutorial

You know we weren’t going to do a Halloween makeup tutorial roundup by Latinas without including a dope Selena Quintanilla-inspired how-to. Chicana megastar beauty vlogger Desi Perkins shows us how to copy Selena’s iconic red-lipped, winged liner makeup, from start to finish, guaranteeing that everyone will know who you are at that Halloween party when you walk in the door.

wp_*postsAmy Serrano’s Last Minute Wednesday Addams Makeup Tutorial

Sometimes, you don’t even know you are going to partake in the Halloween festivities until the very last minute. That’s when you have to put together something quickly that is still amazing. That’s when makeup tutorials like this one, by Amy Serrano, save the day. In this video, the beauty blogger shows us how to the Wednesday Addams (from The Addams Family) look.

wp_*postsNicole Guerriero Barbie + Teresa Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Barbie is an option many people opt for when dressing up for Halloween, although we all know it’s all about her Latinx friend Teresa. Well, whether you want to dress up as the iconic blonde or the timeless brunette this year, Argentinian beauty blogger Nicole Guerriero has got your back with this YouTube tutorial.

wp_*postsDaisy Marquez’s Bambi Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Animal costumes are some of the easiest to put together for Halloween — often just add ears, maybe a tail, and you’re set. But the makeup has to be on point. This YouTube video by beauty blogger Daisy Marquez lets you rock the Bambi look in the cutest, most flawless way possible. Just add a neutral brown outfit and you’re set!

wp_*postsDesi Perkin’s Cyborg Halloween Makeup Tutorial

We have another great Halloween makeup tutorial from Desi Perkins. This rad one turns you from human into a cyborg! It’s a striking look, and perfect if you want something head-turning, but don’t want to cover your entire face in Halloween-style makeup. The two-tone wig and light contacts help complete the robotic aesthetic.

wp_*postsLatina Beautty Gangster Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Clowns are a big costume idea for Halloween, and since this is a Latinx roundup, we had to include some chola-style payaso makeup. Latinx beauty blogger Latina Beautty shared a helpful, step-by-step tutorial on how to get a fierce yet pretty gangster clown look. Finish off this idea with a flannel, Dickies or Ben Davis pants, and a mean mug.

wp_*postsNicole Guerriero Tim Burton Character Makeup Tutorial

Probably the most striking makeup look on this list is this OMG transformation into a Tim Burton character, by Nicole Guerriero. She nailed this idea! This tutorial takes Halloween makeup from a one-dimensional concept to movie-level special effects optical illusion. This is what you do when you want your Halloween costume to be next level and top-notch.

wp_*postsThe Estrada Sisters’ Coco Frida Makeup Tutorial

The 3-D computer-animated film Coco stole everyone’s hearts, and it was partly because of all its splendid characters. One of these was, of course, Frida Kahlo, presented as not how she was in life, but rather from the great beyond. Who wouldn’t want to recreate this unique interpretation of the iconic Mexican artist, for Halloween?! Thankfully, the Estrada sisters put together a helpful tutorial that will leave you looking like you stepped right out of the film itself!

wp_*postsGabriella Glamour’s Betty Boop Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Gabriella Lascano, a.k.a. Gabriella Glamour brings us our next fabulous Halloween makeup tutorial. In it, the Latinx model and YouTuber transforms into the vintage animated star Betty Boop, who first appeared in cartoons in 1930. This is a great makeup idea for a throwback, fun, and cutesy Halloween look.

wp_*postsChrisspy La Llorona Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The creepy, scary tale of La Llorona has been frightening Latinx kids for ages, a Halloween-perfect part of our culture and history. Beauty blogger Chrisspy shared a rad YouTube video showing us all how to recreate a spooky, yet totally pretty makeup tutorial for La Llorona’s look. The perfect finishing touch are those white contacts! Eek!

wp_*postsChrisspy Halloween Skull Makeup Tutorial

Our final Halloween makeup video how-to also comes from YouTuber extraordinaire Chrisspy. It’s a detailed and scary skull look, that starts from the nose and check level down. It’s great for when you want a solid Halloween makeup look, but don’t want a solid face of Halloween makeup. You still get to rock your eye look as you wish. Win-win situation!

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