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12 Romeo Santos Songs We Still Love

Romeo Santos aka The King of Bachata has been giving the world nothing but hits every since he stepped onto the music scene with Aventura. He is currently touring the world with “Golden,” his newest album, which has plenty of bangers. But no matter how many new projects he comes out with, there is a solid list of songs that we’ll never get over.

1. “Propuesta Indecente”

This incredibly catchy, scandalous song will go down as one of Santos’ greatest hits. 

2. “El Perdedor”

The perfect song for any lover that has ever wronged you. 

3. “Los Infieles”

Only Santos could make cheating sound justified and so good. 

4. “Llèvame Contigo”

Because there was a time all of us didn’t know how to let go. 

5. “Dile Al Amor”

Before Bad Bunny’s “Amorfoda,” there was Santos’ “Dile Al Amor.” This will forever be a go-to when we feel like love is cancelled.

6. “Solo Por Un Beso”

Dancing to this song with your crush is the ultimate teenage dream. 

7. “Ensèñame a Olvidar”

This is arguably the top Santos song for getting in your feelings after a breakup. 

8. “Ella y Yo”

The Latino equivalent of “The Boy Is Mine.” Santos and Don Omar had everyone picking sides in their fictional love triangle. 

9. “Noche de Sexo”

The dance floor will still look like a movie anytime a DJ plays this track. 

10. “La Diabla”

Even the King of Bachata can get played like a guitar. This song is proof. 

11. “Eres Mia”

Santos’ voice is truly hypnotizing in this classic love song. 

12. “Obsesión”

The song that made Aventura and Santos a household name. You can’t help but feel nostalgic every time you hear it.