13 Toxic Chemicals That Are in Everyday Items

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Photo: @michelledonewoodhouse

There are so many products that we use on a regular basis. Beauty products, cleaners, food items, cookware, stuff for babies, and more. It’s stressful enough to find time in the day to purchase these items and get them home, so it’s safe to say that a lot of us aren’t spending extra time investigating what’s in each product. We trust that if an item is on a store shelf, it must be safe to use.

Well, that is often wrong. After watching several films about our food, and recently seeing the documentary Stink!, about dangerous chemicals in American products, I learned that very little is regulated. A lot of the items that are making us sick are the same items we are buying and using everyday. People are making the connection between these products and negative changes in their health. The trail of guilt goes back to greedy corporations who cut corners to save money and make money. All the while, they are playing with our safety, and that of our families. The best way to fight back is to inform yourself, demand more transparency, vote for those who feel the same, and refuse to buy toxic products. Here are 13 unhealthy ingredients in everyday items that you’ll want to avoid.

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