25 Perfect Examples of Rockabilly Fashion on IG

Within vintage fashion and subcultures, there is rockabilly

Photo: @kittyluvphotography/Instagram

Photo: @kittyluvphotography/Instagram

Within vintage fashion and subcultures, there is rockabilly. It is based around the music from the 1950s that blended together rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, bluegrass, and country sounds (“rockabilly” is literally a mashup of the words “rock” and “hillbilly”) and influences. The genre includes a very particular dress code, which is alive and well, in places including Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Denver, and London. Think pinup glam from the 1950s, coiffed hair from the 1940s, and all the attitude of today. For those who want more edge, there is the similar yet darker psychobilly and gothabilly genres and styles, that add punk influences into the mix, and of course, tattoos for something extra.

We have already shown you a shoppable guide to the essential rockabilly pieces. But we wanted to continue writing on the rockabilly aesthetic and lifestyle, and are now going to highlight several Instagram #OOTDs that totally shout out all things rockabilly (and psychobilly/gothabilly).


@vintagevandal’s Sweet Pink Cardigan and Pedal Pushers

Puerto Rican designer and model Vintage Vandal definitely lives the rockabilly and pinup lifestyle. When she’s not showing off the latest pieces of her brand, Vintage Vandalizm, you can see her in other vintage-inspired brands like Mischief Made Me. The brand made this adorable pink cardigan embroidered with a pinup, which she paired with a matching pink headscarf, black belted pedal pushers, and black patent leather pumps. The look is totally sweet yet badass 1950s.


@cherry_rat’s Flirty Polka Dot Swing Dress


An A-line swing dress is a rockabilly wardrobe staple. It represents the 1950s and the dresses worn to swing dance at parties. Cherry_rat dons this classic, strapless swing dress in one of the top rockabilly prints β€” black and white polka dots. Crinoline adds volume to the skirt, and peeks out the bottom for a cute, feminine touch. Vintage waves and a flower behind the ear complete the timeless look.


@cherrydollface’s Tropical Accessories

Within the rockabilly world, there are those who love to dress in tropical prints and sip on rum drinks. It makes for a pretty, colorful look that is highlighted by things like bamboo jewelry and hibiscus flowers in the hair. Cherokee Jackson of the @thecherrydollface looks great in tropical colors of light blue, yellow, orange, and green. And her flamingo bamboo earrings complete the fun look!


@bonniebleue’s Leopard Print and Rockabilly Heels

Another essential print in the rockabilly world is leopard print. It instantly makes any the garment look edgier, cooler, and sexier, in a 1950s bad gal kind of way. Miss Bonnie Bleue rocked a leopard print skirt, paired with a bold red off-the-shoulder top, and black Mary Jane rockabilly pumps. Tortoiseshell earrings add the finishing touch to this racy look.


@pinupdollashleymarie’s modern Grease look

Grease is one of the films you can watch to get some rockabilly style inspiration. Ashley Marie Herrera of @pinupdollashleymarie is giving us total Sandy from Grease vibes (after she toughened up) in this sleek monochromatic black outfit. We are not sure if this is a jumpsuit, or an off-the-shoulder top with black pants, but that’s the beauty of it! It’s sleek and lengthening, with a patent leather belt to cinch and draw attention to the waist. A little shine is added courtesy of hoops and sandals.


@miss_cherry_la_blaze’s Pit Stop Romper


You don’t have to wear dresses if you want to look rockabilly. A pair of cuffed jeans and a button-up top tied at the front, worn with Converse is also totally rockabilly. So are cute rompers that look like this one worn by Miss Cherry La Blaze. The patterned outfit features a name tag to give it a vintage mechanic coveralls look, and its given more of the rockabilly touch with polka dot stockings, rockabilly Mary Jane pumps, a flower in the hair, a wide belt, and a pastel neck scarf (not to mention throwback hair and makeup too).


@missrubyvalentine’s Bangle Stack

As we saw in the last look, accessories are crucial to the rockabilly aesthetic. More is more in this world, and it’s all about 1950s attention-grabbing jewelry, big flowers in the hair, hair headscarves or bandanas, and belts to snatch the waist. In this ensemble, Ruby Valentine is adding some interest to her black top/dress with a stack of fakelite (meant to look like vintage bakelite) bangles by Splendette.


@in_vintage77’s Headscarf

In a lot of rockabilly looks, you will see the hair done up in a 1940s updo, featuring victory rolls, bumper bangs, and other throwback hairstyles. The finishing touch, if not a flower, is usually a headscarf or bandana tied at the top of the head. Iris Neußner completes her look of a denim belted dress, blue polka dot tights, and saddle shoes with a sunny yellow polka dot headscarf, placed right behind a victory roll.


@jackieleighcline’s Cherries and Coke Outfit

Coca-Cola is a brand synonymous with the 1950s. And so are cherries, which are such an integral part to the rockabilly aesthetic. Rockabilly pinup girl Jackie Leigh Cline paired the two ideas for a cool look. A red Coca-Cola T-shirt gets tucked into a cherry print skirt and belted with a wide stretchy belt. A cherry statement necklace, Bettie Page bangs, and Old Hollywood red lips further accessorize the outfit.


@misspsychocat’s Leather and Leopard Print

Leopard print is a rockabilly essential, and so is the classic, bad girl motorcycle jacket. Pair the two together, and you have the edgy vintage look that Minja Cvetković models on her Instagram page. Her look also features the iconic A-line swing dress, the classic black bandana in the hair, and large red earrings for some pop.


@___graveyardqueen’s Gothabilly Creature from the Black Lagoon Look


For those who want even more edge, and some moodiness in their rockabilly look, they go psychobilly or gothabilly. It has all the aesthetics of the rockabilly look, but with elements of horror and sci-fi films, Halloween, and goth style (and a rockabilly style of music that infuses punk). This outfit by Mars is an adorable interpretation of psychobilly/gothabilly. She’s wearing a full, A-line skirt, but it’s decorated with creatures like Frankenstein and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. There’s even a Creature from the Black Lagoon purse to finish the creepy in a good way look!


@miss_chelydoll’s Denim Halter Jumpsuit

ChelyDoll shows us the way to blend rockabilly style, which so many Latinxs rock, with Chicanx and pachuca influences. She’s wearing a denim vintage-inspired halter jumpsuit from Lady de Couture (their Serape jumpsuit) with a serape print trim. Matching flowers decorate her hair, and patent leather heels add more glam to the retro look.


@pinupmodels’ Shadow Plaid Flannel and Jeans

A vintage, rockabilly look that has a bit of old school chola edge to it is this one by Betty Raven. She pairs a Rumble 59 shadow plaid flannel with dark denim and a red patent leather belt. A gun brooch throws the look back into country territory, with an overall outfit that screams badass.


@mrs_pinup_chelli’s Pachuca Rockabilly Look


Cheli V is a Latinx repping the rockabilly pinup lifestyle. In this adorable Instagram video, where she dances to some cumbia, we see a fab outfit that shouts out both rockabilly and old school pachuca style. An off-the-shoulder polka dot top is tucked into a red pencil skirt, and belted with a wide belt. Victory rolls, red and white flowers, and silver hoops add to the vintage-inspired OOTD.


@miss_cherry_la_blaze’s Sunny Yellow Button-Up Top


Another rockabilly-perfect look we love from Miss Cherry La Blaze is this sunshine-yellow ensemble. It features a feminine button-up shirt with puff sleeve detail, and a sunflower print headscarf. A matching sunflower brooch just adds to the cheery, sunny vintage outfit.


@miss.mari.mambo’s Southwestern Rockability Style


The cool thing to see within any subculture or style of dress is how each person puts their own spin on it, based on their own taste, culture(s), and location. Miss.mari.mambo, a.k.a. Queen of Thee Rumba Beat, wore this fabulous outfit that pairs an oldies song and chola-inspired T-shirt with a Southwestern style jacket, bag, and necklace.


@ladylashes13’s Leopard Print Swimwear


One of the best things about the 1950s and the rockabilly culture inspired by it is the fabulous swimwear. It’s figure-flattering, glam, and totally vintage-fabulous. Just take a look at this chic swimsuit worn by Abby at ladylashes13. The leopard print and throwback cut just oozes summertime glam.


@misslettylou’s Vintage Velvet and Gold Mexican Dress


Welder/tradeswoman and silversmith Letty Rodriguez showcased the beauty of Mexican heritage with this stunning vintage velvet outfit. A black velvet top is complemented by a vintage Mexican skirt featuring exquisite embroidery in gold. A stunning copper belt adds to the old world glam. And of course, there is an intricate throwback hairdo to up the femininity. It’s rockabilly perfection!


@vintagevandal’s Creepy and Sleek Gothbilly Outfit

Another outfit we had to share from Vintage Vandal shows one of her more creepy looks, by her own admission. A T-shirt featuring Vampira, with a spider, bats, and webs, is tucked into a sleek, black patent leather skirt. A dark red lip and dark statement brows and eyeliner keep the edge and dark aesthetic continuing in this striking look.


@rachelannjensen’s Blue Cardigan and Red Pedal Pushers

The color combination of baby blue and red instantly brings to mind the 1950s. So it’s genius that Rachel Ann Jensen paired the two hues together for this wonderful throwback ensemble. A baby blue cardigan, which appears to have some red embroidery on it is paired with red pedal pushers, patent leather pumps, a red headscarf, and some cute red heart sunnies.


@thisbluevalentine’s Workwear Pants with Suspenders


A lot of really cool rockabilly looks take a cue from the guys, throwing in their classic style into the outfit mix for a tomboyish effect. Blue Valentine takes Hard Yakka Workwear pants and pairs them with pinstripped suspenders over a white tank. A bandana that matches the pants is wrapped behind vintage bumper bangs for a totally cool outfit.


@hellcath’s Rose Print Rockabilly Dress

Of course, we had to feature more fabulous and stylish rockabilly swing dresses. What’s great about these is that they are flattering, fitting snug on the bust and waist and flaring out over the lower stomach and hips. It’s a classic, feminine, and flirty silhouette that is synonymous with the rockabilly aesthetic. And you can have fun getting or making these dresses in all sorts of fun and pretty prints, like this fabulous rose print worn by HellCath.


@cherry_rat’s Bad Girl Moto Jacket and Tee


A great way to jazz up your T-shirts in the rockabilly way is to tuck them into pencil skirts, high-waisted jeans or pedal pushers, and belt them with a stretchy wide belt. It will instantly dress them up and give them a vintage vibe. Want to add more street edge? Throw a moto jacket over it, just like Cherry Rat did in this throwback cool look.


@pinupdollashleymarie’s Gingham Romper

Ashley Marie Herrera has another fab rockabilly look we are sharing in our style roundup. She’s wearing a romper with a button-up collared top, in the very 1950s, very rockabilly gingham print. A striking red skinny belt adds a retro pop of color.


@jackieleighcline’s Pretty in Purple Look

The second rockabilly look we are featuring from Jackie Leigh Cline is this 1950s-inspired, dreamy pastel look. She features a big dose of delicate lavender, in the form of a headscarf, button-up top (or dress), and the cutest vintage-y cat eyeglasses.

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