15 Cheery Nail Polish Colors that Welcome the Warmer Weather

You may have seen it in the latest craze of tie-dye everything, but many are reaching for pops of cheery, bright color to bring a smile during this trying time

Summer Nail Polish 2020

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You may have seen it in the latest craze of tie-dye everything, but many are reaching for pops of cheery, bright color to bring a smile during this trying time. It instantly evokes a feeling of optimism, nostalgia, and just feel-good, positive vibes. We want to be happy, and nothing says “happy” like a burst of psychedelic hues.

Not only do bright colors cheer us up, but they are signifiers of sunshiny summer. It may still technically be spring, but we are ready for the days of dipping your toes in the pool and stepping outside for some summer rays (responsibly and in a socially-distanced manner, of course).  In this positive spirit, we wanted to share our top picks for bright summer nail polish colors. May these fun hues remind you that there are many more happy days ahead!

India, by Passport Polish

You may not be able to travel right now, but you can get inspired by international travels through Passport Polish’s fun nail colors. One we particularly liked is their India polish, a pop of fuschia inspired by the the Holi Festival held in northern India.

Available at passportpolish.com, $5-$7

Bustling Bazaar, by Essie

Every year, we look forward to seeing the cheery hues that nail polish brands come out with for summer. This year, Essie’s summer 2020 collection is “inspired by wandering through the bustling markets of Morocco.” A color that grabbed our attention is the bright-yet-soothing Bustling Bazaar, “a rich, wanderlust-worthy teal.”

Available at essie.com, $9

Don’t Tell a Sol, by OPI

OPI’s spring Mexico City collection is full of nail polish colors indicative of the happy mood of summer. Go for a full-on cheery vibe with Don’t Tell a Sol, a sunshiny, bright yellow.

Available at opi.com, $10.50

Funky Beat, by China Glaze

A bright purple hue is the best of both worlds, as it’s punchy color, but something more subdued for those who don’t want a too over-the-top neon. Funky Beat is a great option and is part of China Glaze’s Trolls World Tour collection.

Available at sallybeauty.com, $6.79

Pink Flamingo, by P.O.P. Nail Polish

There are plenty of indie nail polish brands that are bringing the fun hues we’ve been wanting to see. P.O.P. Polish, which you can shop on Etsy, has all sorts of go-big-or-go-home colors, like retro Pink Flamingo, “blue-toned pastel pink.” Added bonus? The neon polish also glows under a black light so you can be bright at any time.

Available at etsy.com, $9

Oh Snap!, by Orly

Some of us want throwback ’80s/’90s neon nail colors that you have to wear sunglasses to look at. Orly hooked it up with their Summer 2020 Retrowave collection. Shining bright is Oh Snap!, a neon yellow that you don’t have to prep with a white nail polish base. Now you have more time to enjoy your summer.

Available at orlybeauty.com, $9.50

Kensington Passage, by Nails INC

Coral is one of those summer colors that instantly brings to mind tropical vacations. So, it’s the perfect nail polish hue for stylishly partaking in an epic staycation this year. Nails INC’s Kensington Passage will look great on dark and/or tanned skin.

Available at nailsinc.com, $15

Haywire, by Polish Me Silly

Maybe you want a clean, neutral white mani, but also want a pop of color and pattern. No need to choose when you opt for confetti-style nail polishes, like Polish Me Silly’s Haywire.

Available at etsy.com, $9.50

Clear Skies, by Nine Zero Lacquer

Clear skies are up ahead. You’ll get that soothing sensation when putting on a sky-blue hue on your nails. One that instantly had us feeling zen is Nine Zero Lacquer’s Clear Skies, which the brand describes as a “bleached neon blue.”

Available at ninezerolacquer.com, $10

Bang, by P.O.P Nail Polish

Another P.O.P. Polish we added to our favorites on Etsy is Bang, which is part of their Neon Thermal collection. The polish does double duty brightly–when it’s warm, the color will present as hot pink, when cool a neon red. It’s two fabulous hues in one.

Available at etsy.com, $16

Neon Blue, by Atomic Nail Polish

Photo: Atomic Nail Polish/Etsy

Cobalt blue is bright yet rich, and totally attention grabbing. It also makes us think of refreshing swimming pools and international destinations like Greece and Morocco. Atomic Nail Polish brings us all that imagery with their summer-perfect nail polish shade Neon Blue.

Available at etsy.com, $9.35

Coca-Cola Red, by OPI

OPI is known for its selection of classic, vintage red nail polishes. One that is particularly cheery and bright, and totally 1950s, is Coca-Cola Red. It’s classic, yet packs that extra punch that makes it perfect for summer.

Available at opi.com, $10.50

Melon, by Atomic Nail Polish

Want a melon hue but want it to be turned up a few notches for the summer season? Look no further than Atomic Polish’s Melon. You get all the classic, vintage vibes of a melon nail polish color, with the voltage that only neon brings.

Available at etsy.com, $9.35

Candy Coating, by P.O.P Nail Polish

P.O.P Polish continuously hits it out of the park with their look-at-me, brilliant nail polish hues. Candy Coating is a “neon Tiffany blue” that manages to be soothing, luxe, and cheery all at the same time.

Available at etsy.com, $9

So Fly, by Orly

Another winner from Orly’s Retrowave collection is So Fly. It is that iconic neon green that we saw in the 1990s, worn by In Living Color’s Fly Girls, Will Smith, and anyone else that was cool and in style during the late ’80s and early ’90s. We are so here for this time capsule in the form of a nail polish.

Available at orlybeauty.com, $9.50

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