15 Latinx Brands Making Face Masks to Protect Against Coronavirus

With coronavirus present in all 50 states, we are hunkering down, only going out for essential things like going to the pharmacy to pick up medicine and to the supermarket to grab some groceries

Photo: @marthaofmiami_shop/Instagram

Photo: @marthaofmiami_shop/Instagram

With coronavirus present in all 50 states, we are hunkering down, only going out for essential things like going to the pharmacy to pick up medicine and to the supermarket to grab some groceries. Right now, it is all about protecting yourself, your loved ones, and everyone else as we try to ride out this storm. A major and necessary part of this is wearing protective face masks.

Many are making their own masks, while others are ordering them online. And so many creatives are doing hero’s work by creating masks that they are donating and/or selling to the masses. We are proud to say that several of these creatives are Latinx, answering the call to serve others and give back. Here are 15 such Latinx brands that have made cool face masks that you can get online. (Note: be sure to reach out to a brand if masks are sold out; many are restocking or will be soon.)


Martha of Miami

Martha of Miami makes stylish products that shout out Cuban/Latinx culture. Martha Valdes used that knowledge of Latinx pop culture to make face masks that are cute, funny, and nostalgic, featuring Vivaporu bottles, cafecito, and the phrase “Tapate La Boca.”

Available at marthaofmiami.com, $11-14


Hola Chola

Susanna Gonzalez of Hola Chola has also started making masks for protecting against COVID-19. These cool masks are emblazoned with La Virgen de Guadalupe and Old English font, on backgrounds including camouflage, and roses, which are totally in line with the brand’s OG chola aesthetic.

Available at holachola.com, $19-$23


Azteca Negra

Afro-Latinx brand Azteca Negra, created by Afro-Chicana Marisol Catchings, makes beautiful wraps, earrings, and art that offer both culture and a pop of color for your looks. It is giving back by making face masks (which will be restocked on April 16 at 10 PST) that come alive with geometric prints, Dia de los Muertos and Frida Kahlo-themed fabric, bold colors, and a dose of fun. In addition to those for sale, Azteca Negra is also providing free masks for healthcare workers and first responders.

Available at aztecanegra.com


Cha Cha Covers

You may know Cha Cha Covers for making dope nail covers with practically every pop culture photo you’d want on your nails. They’ve taken that got-to-have-it pizazz and put them into several stylish face masks, for both adults and kids.

Available at cha-cha-covers-2.myshopify.com


Sew Mexican


Steffanie Hernandez-Mendez of Sew Mexican is another Latinx creative who is using her talents to serve the community at large. She’s making fun masks that offer something for everyone–sports teams, cute prints, Latinx themes,

Available at instagram.com/sew_mexican/(DM for ordering information), $10




Monica Esquilador is the Latina behind Artsy Chica Boutique. She is the creator of the 50 Star Serape Flag, and usually focuses on selling things like these flags, and other Latinx-themed artwork, accessories, clothing, and decor. But, given the current health climate, she has extended her work to include masks in fun and colorful prints.

Available at artsychicaboutique.bigcartel.com, $15


Gladis Alejandre-ART


Gladis Alejandre’s masks will make you smile, while repping your culture and showing off some style. The Latina behind Gladis Alejandre-ART uses the flair she uses to make decorated jean jackets, aprons, and more, and adds it to masks featuring everything from Frida Kahlo, to bandana print, to avocados, and calaveras.

Available at gladisalejandre.com, $7


Cafe con Yessi


Next on our list of Latinx-made face masks to buy are those by Cafe con Yessi. Made by Jessi V., these masks got you if you want a mask that showcases your love of beer, your affinity for bows, your support of your favorite sports team, or just a pretty print to make your stay-at-home outfits look more interesting. While looking at the masks, you can also stay and check out Cafe con Yessi’s pouches, earrings, concha badge reels, pins, coffee cups, and more on Etsy.

Available at instagram.com/shopcafeconyessi/ (DM for ordering information)


The Movement


The Movement is a brand that encourages Latinx to “Preserve La Cultura.Discover Yourself.” The physical manifestation of this is wooden notebooks, hoodies and T-shirts, sunglasses, mugs, and more celebrating Aztec and Latinx culture, history, and identity. Now, the brand has extended their line to include affordable handmade masks available for preorder.

Available at themvtmbrand.com, $10


Mi LegaSi


Janny Perez is the jefa of MiLegaSi, and she’s adding to her legacy by taking charge and deciding to give back in this time of need. Her brand puts out The Latina Mom Legacy Podcast, several blogs, merchandise, book recommendations, printables, and more to help Latinx parents raise bilingual kids. It has now also dedicated itself to putting out several homemade masks to protect us from coronavirus.

Available at milegasi.com


My Yolotsin

My Yolotsin is a family-owned Latinx business that makes “handmade crafts and Mexican artesanias.” Recently, they have added face masks to the offerings, helping us stay safe and healthy. To order, My Yolotsin would like you to:

“reply to the story where the print of your choice is with the quantity. Payment is through Venmo. Shipping is Wednesday and possibly Friday. We don’t do custom orders.”

Available at instagram.com/myyolotsin/


Sleep, Never


Sleep, Never is a brand created by Latinx Aaron Torres, offering design and tailor services. It now also provides made-to-order, 2-ply 100% cotton masks, in two sizes for adults (medium and large), one one for kids, and a variety of color and print options. Curbside pickup is an option for those in the El Paso, Texas area.

Available at sleepneverlife.com, $10


Hot Sundae


Need a mask, and want one that shows off a bit of your personality, style, and/or culture? Hot Sundae has you covered. Some of the brand’s creations are two Virgen de Guadalupe masks, a blue and black velvet leopard print mask, and glam ones with sparkle or shine.

Available at shophotsundae.com



Karina Soto reps her Chicana culture through her brand, Kreativus. There, she makes “handmade Chicano-inspired clothing and accessories,” including pins made with Homies figures, Frida Kahlo embroidery art, Loteria makeup bags, tees, and more. Lately, Kreativus has also made several masks, including Chicanx-themed ones, that she sells through Instagram.

Available at instagram.com/kreativus_/ (DM for ordering information)




JLOVEKNITS is all about “Latina made eco-friendly goods.” Right now, the brand is taking what they know and putting it into making masks for the masses, in a variety of cool colors and prints. It appears that JLOVEKNITS is currently updating their website, where you can order masks, most likely in preparation for their mask restock on April 20 at 12pm PST.

Available at jloveknits.com

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