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Covid Vaccine Program for POC in LA Misused in Affluent Communities

Virginia Isaad
Communities of color in California have had difficulty accessing the Covid-19 vaccine and now a program designed to aid them has been misused by affluent Angelenos, the Los Angeles Times reported. In an investigation the newspaper conducted, they found that...
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Coachella in California is First City in Nation to Give Hero Pay to Farmworkers

Virginia Isaad
The Coachella City Council unanimously approved “hero pay” for certain essential workers and extended the hazard benefits to farmworkers.The emergency ordinance requires certain agricultural operations – in addition to grocery stores, retail pharmacy stores and restaurants – to provide an...
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18-Year Old Wilber Portillo Dies After Second Bout of COVID-19

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
An 18-year-old Latino man from Denver, Colorado has died after enduring two bouts of the deadly virus COVID-19. Wilber Portillo reportedly contracted the novel coronavirus twice just a couple of weeks apart back in the fall, ultimately passing away on...

How to Make the Most of Zoom Holidays with Your Family and Friends

V. Alexandra de F. Szoenyi
The holidays, as the rest of the year, is looking pretty different in 2020. With coronavirus still a real threat, rising in cases around the country, although we want to spend this time physically near our loved ones, it’s much...