15 of the Espookiest Halloween Nails on Instagram

Even if you’re being responsible and staying home for Halloween, it’s still fun to partake in the spooky holiday with some fun nail art. It’s a great excuse to pamper yourself and get creative with colors, textures, and nail art. Then, you can curl up with a blanket, some Halloween candy, and your favorite scary

Photo: Pexels

Photo: Pexels

Even if you’re being responsible and staying home for Halloween, it’s still fun to partake in the spooky holiday with some fun nail art. It’s a great excuse to pamper yourself and get creative with colors, textures, and nail art. Then, you can curl up with a blanket, some Halloween candy, and your favorite scary movies.

Need inspiration for your creepy uñas? All you need to do is head over to Instagram for scary, spooky, and truly artistic nails that are all about classic horror films, Halloween symbols, and having fun. The possibilities are endless, and what you choose to pay homage to is totally up to you. Are you going to go cutesy scary or full-on gore? Pastel goth or dark and gloomy? Classic or trendy? Well, these 15 examples of Halloween nails will definitely inspire you to get artsy this October 31. 

Glow in the Dark Nightmare Before Christmas

A beloved Halloween film that continues to inspire fans in October is Nightmare Before Christmas. Boricua nail tech Janice Oriol paid homage to the animated classic with these nails but took them to another level with a glow-in-the-dark finish. Once night falls, a glow-in-the-dark touch ensures your nails will continue to shine.

It, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street

Why choose one horror film or book to capture on your nails when you can choose several classics? That’s exactly what Luxjeerie did, inspired by the work Nails by April did. Here, we see homages to It, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street. A look definitely for a connoisseur of the horror genre.

The Spooky Outdoors

Give your jet-black nails some Halloween ambiance by juxtaposing them with some spooky outdoorsy scenes. Bare tree branches, a full moon, bats, a black cat, and some cemeteries will do just fine as done by Nina. And don’t forget a burnt orange backdrop!


Is it even Halloween without the skeletons? We think not! And the creepy visitors make for a fabulous neutral white and black mani. Just look at this version by Emily Gilmour, with fun, intricate, and super clean detail.

Halloween + Fall

You don’t have to choose between warm autumn colors and fun Halloween details regarding your nails. You can have them both! On these nails by Cleo Canda, you see cozy plaid in pumpkin, yellow, grey, and black, as well as half-moons, snakes, and eyes. A perfect balance for those who want something elevated.

Spiderweb French


You also don’t have to choose between a classic French and some fun Halloween details. A sleek black French manicure pairs perfectly with some scary spiderwebs. Just a touch of Halloween, but not too much. Done perfectly by Nails by Sofia.

Bloody Nails

Give me red nails, but make them gory. That’s exactly what you get with these bloody Halloween nails by Alec Cole Hinz. What makes them especially creepy is seeing the “blood” suspending in otherwise clear nails. It’s like a horror film on your hands!


Although released in 1988, Beetlejuice has seen a resurgence in popularity, thanks to a Broadway musical and younger generations discovering the spooky gem. So, it’s no surprise that there are costumes, nails, accessories, and even nails inspired by the film. These nails, by NAILZ BY DEV, are a Halloween-perfect interpretation of the 1989-1991 animated Beetlejuice TV show.

All the Scary Things

In her Halloween Basics Class, nail artist Sierra Unsicker showed people how to perfect classic Halloween designs: a skeleton, a black spider, dripping blood, bats, and spiderwebs. The course’s recorded videos are still available if you want to learn from a professional, but you can also try to give these looks a try on your own!

Ghost French

Another Halloween nail look that pairs a classic French manicure with an October touch is this ghoulish creation from Nailed It! By Liv. It features adorable little ghosts that form the white part of the French manicure for a more subtle yet still totally effective Halloween nail idea. And it’s straightforward to recreate for your own haunted nails!

Goth Burgundy

Deep, dark burgundy nails make their appearance usually in fall, and they’re no-brainers for Halloween-themed manicures. These super cool uñas by Lorraine Pineda are airbrushed for a unique, moody, ombre translucent touch. Definitely gothy.

Disney Villains

Halloween is that time of year when Disney fans get to celebrate the villains of their favorite classics. These bad apples get to shine on nails come October. This manicure by Nails by Diana features the Evil Queen from Snow White, Captain Hook, Ursula, Maleficent, and Cruella de Vil, as well as Captain Hook’s hook, the Magic Mirror, and Ursula’s shell necklace. It’s definitely an inspiration for your own Disney villain manicure!

Dark and Gloomy

Jet black and moody shades of grey are just perfect for Halloween manicures. In this manicure from Destiny, it’s proved that Halloween nails don’t have to have to be colorful to be effective. She creates a spooky outdoor scene with black branches, spiderwebs, and crosses, plus just enough moonlight to highlight the details.

The Shining

The Shining is a horror movie staple. It’s no surprise, then that it gets celebrated on nails when Halloween rolls around. Dori’s manicure includes several details from the film: the patterned carpets, the creepy twins, main character Jack Torrance, the word “redrum,” and of course, blood.

The Walking Dead

Whether you’re paying homage to Halloween, the announcement that this is the last season of The Walking Dead, or to celebrate the franchise’s new show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond, you’ll get major inspiration for your TWD nails by TheNailEngineer. These creepy nails have a neutral pinky-nude base, and several nods to the show, including severed arms, a zombie face, and a gross (in a good way) 3-D brain nail.

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