16 Latina-Owned Makeup Brands Made for Us by Us

  According to the Nielsen Latina 2

Photo: Unsplash/@noahbuscher

Photo: Unsplash/@noahbuscher

According to the Nielsen Latina 2.0 report, Latina’s spent 16% more for cosmetics than las gabachas in 2017. Meaning Latinas love their cosmetics but I’m pretty sure we already knew this. When I started writing about Latina-owned makeup two years ago it was difficult to find more than a handful of brands — today new cosmetic lines are popping up every day! Here are 16 Latina-owned makeup lines for the woman who wants to look cute and put her dollars back into the community.wp_*posts

Besame Cosmetics


Looking for that old school glam? Besame Cosmetics hits you with those classic reds, old-timey powder puffs, and packaging reminiscent of the 1920s. They’ve also done some really cute Disney collabs. Fun Fact: The creator is a makeup historian!


Killer Queens Cosmetics

Neon and 90’s inspired eyeshadows are so hot right now *Mugatu voice.* If you’re into these kind of electric looks that are vegan and cruelty-free you’ve found your brand.


Vive Cosmetics

If you want to see authentic and colorful campaigns directed toward you, yes you! Then Vive Cosmetics will delight you. Express your beauty, pride, and culture with their fun creamy matte lipsticks and highlighters.


Reina Rebelde

Like many of us, Reina Rebelde’s creator had an eclectic taste in colors. This makeup line was created to encompass our duality as is evident in the dark yet playful eyeshadow palettes bold lip colors.


Melt cosmetics

If you’re into professional highly pigmented powders and lipsticks Melt Cosmetics won’t disappoint. But you’ll have to stay on top of their product releases because they sell out with the quickness!


Gaby Espino

Lipsticks, liners, and nail polish oh my! Gaby Espino’s got a wide variety of pinks, reds, and nudes in matte, shimmer, and gloss.wp_*posts

Kat Von D


What can we say about Kat Von D that hasn’t been said already? She built an empire on her goth queen aesthetic and her makeup line makes everything from liquid eyeliners and super pigmented concealers to fragrances and brushes.wp_*posts

Atomic Makeup

The 90’s lewk revival also means gloss and glitter are back! Atomic Makeup’s super shiny glosses are shimmery and gorgeous. Their Gimmie Glimmer eyeshadows are super cute too.

Necromancy Cosmetica

The aesthetic is kind of creepy and a little bit macabre but that’s what they were going for. Necromancy Cosmetica serves shimmery cream lipsticks in seductive colors named things like ‘Morgue’ and ‘Segunda Plaga.’

Chaos Makeup

If you are hot for metallics you’ve come to the right place. Chaos Makeup’s handcrafted glitter free highlighters that can be used pretty much all over.

Kleure Cosmetics

If you’re looking for a place to get mineral powders, lipstick and skincare all in one place Puerto Rican brand Kleure has got you covered. They even sell natural mosquito repellant!


Nuance by Salma Hayak

Am I the only one who didn’t know that Salma Hayak had her own full cosmetics line? Everything from her hair care to her eyeshadow uses natural Mexican ingredients like Tepezchuite, mamey, and amaranth protein. Did I mention it’s super affordable and available at CVS?


Honest Beauty


We all know Jessica Alba makes chemical free products for kids, but her line Honest Beauty makes makeup, skin care, shampoo that are all natural as well!


Circa Beauty

Eva Mendez is the creative director of Circa Beauty which was focused on being affordable, nothing exceeded $15! It looks like the line has been discontinued, BUT the products are still available online and in stores so stock up while you can.


Beauty Creations Cosmetics

This whimsical beauty line has everything you need in one spot. Beauty Creations Cosmetics has gorgeous palettes, rich lipsticks as well as a primer, setting spray, brow kits, lashes, and blenders.

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