16 Cool AF Ways to Rock Pierced Braids This Season

Braids piercings are clearly having a moment this year

Photo: Unsplash/@jazminantoinette

Photo: Unsplash/@jazminantoinette

Braids piercings are clearly having a moment this year. We’ve seen everyone sporting them from celebs like Zoe Kravitz, Ariana Grande, Shay Mitchell — even Kim Kardashian — to some of our favorite Instagram influencers. But before we show you all the cool ways to wear it, let’s take a second to acknowledge the history behind this very cool trend. Black women have been sporting braid piercings (which is more commonly referred to as hair rings in the black community) for centuries now. Hair rings and braid jewelry has existed for quite some time. In other words, it’s technically not a new thing. It’s just become really popular, all thanks to Coachella and music festival culture.

The cool thing about pierced braids is the numerous ways you can sport them. These gorgeous hair rings aren’t limited to box braids. They also work on other styles, as well as for any and every texture—which is a total plus, right? Just think of it as jewelry to dress up your goddess mane. Did we mention they aren’t hard to find? Hair rings sell everyone from beauty supply stores, to amazon.com — we’ve even seen them on Etsy. Before you purchase yourself a pack, check out a few of these looks below for Inspo!

They look amazing on cornrows.

This is traditionally how we’ve normally seen them worn and it still works today. You can even experiment with different kinds of braid rings.

It works on looser French braids too.

You also don’t have to go crazy with rings. Applying 2-4 on a style like this, works just fine. Sometimes less is more.

It really stands out on rainbow or bright, bold hair colors.

This ocean blue teal look with the hair rings, is giving us so much life right now.

Work it into your high buns.

We love the way Shay Mitchell’s top knot includes a braid going up, filled with small golden rings. Like she said, “It’s all in the details!”

Get real creative with it.

If you’re hitting up a music festival, try experimenting with hair rings and glitter. This pig tail buns and braid situation is lit.

Ombre hair and rings looks so badass.

Between the color and the hair piercings, this style definitely makes a serious statement.

You can braid in some colors.

Take your cornrows to another level by either adding some temporary bold colors to some of the strands. The combination of rainbow shades and hair piercings is everything.

Wear it with your ponytails.

Ariana Grande loves adding small braids by her roots and decorating them with hair rings. It’s a unique and stylish take on the trend.

Go to a wedding rocking hair rings.


They compliment soft updos like it’s nobody’s business.

It even looks dope on gray hair.

The colorful hair rings pop up beautifully against these gorgeous silvery strands.

Leave them to the side.

Fake an undercut by braiding cornrows just on one side of your head and decorating them with rings. Now that’s a music festival look worth showing off!

Get creative with the rings you buy.

These seashell-inspired ones are so appropriate for summer.

Yes, you can rock them with curly hair.


Just add a cute braid somewhere to help hook the rings.

A head filled with braids and hair piercings is fire.

Especially when you pull them up into a full top knot. Gorgeous!

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