20 Latina Superheroes You Never Knew You Were Rooting For

The importance of positive representation has come to the forefront as women and people of color demand space in every industry. But in the world of comics, it has been notoriously difficult for people of color and women to make their presence felt, which lends itself to a larger conversation about why certain people are not considered “heroes” in the first place. The success of the Wonder Woman movie and Netflix shows like Jessica Jones prove that women are hungry to see themselves kicking ass on screen. However, Black and Brown girls are still waiting for our heroes to present themselves in major TV shows and film franchises so lots of us have dreamt up heroes in our own image. The creators of Aza Comics created an entire universe of inclusive multifaceted women and there was a crowdfunding campaign for a powerful female hero called “Jalisco,” who fights crime using folkloric dance.

But Latina superheroes have been around way longer than most of us realize! Here are 20 of the Latina heroes (and villains) you never knew you were rooting for.




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