The Only Mother’s Day Gift Guide You Need

No two moms are the same, so you shouldn’t have to shop for them like they are

Photo: Unsplash/@scoutthecity

Photo: Unsplash/@scoutthecity

No two moms are the same, so you shouldn’t have to shop for them like they are. These 10 gifts are catered to match the unique mama’s in your life this Mother’s Day. Happy shopping!

Super Moms (highly-motivated, working, doing everything at once moms)

Google Home


While we believe all moms are super heroes, we all know those moms who we’d give a few extra pats on the backs to for all they manage to fit into a 24-hour period. Give them the gift they really need, an assistant – you know without forking out thousands of dollars. Google Home is a voice activated speaker that can control certain functions in the home and even answer questions for the user. It can keep track of someone’s schedule or turn off the lights if someone is already cozy in bed. Magical, right? Google Home, $114

Tribe Moms (moms with lots of kids)

swell water bottle


Is a $35 water bottle worth it? Absolutely, when it guarantees to keep your cold beverages icy cold or hot beverages super caliente. After making sure every kid is attended to, the last thing any mom should deal with is tepid water. S’well Water Bottle, $35

Green Moms

Manduka prolite yoga mat


Moms already carry a million things on a daily basis. Give the earthy momma in your life a break, by gifting her a lighter yoga mat. At just 4 pounds, this mat is perfect, easy to to tote around choice. Manduka Prolite Yoga Mat, $100


F off sleep mask


When it’s time for mama to get some sleep, let her sleep. This mask makes it clear that no one but the baby should even try to wake the sleeping queen of the house. Mature F Off Sleep Eye Mask, $14


Capri candle


Have you ever noticed that abuela’s smell the best and their homes are always spotless? Splurge on a pricy candle that highlights her sweet-smelling, spotless home that she’ll want to show off porque es muy caro. Colossal Capri Blue Mercury Glass Candle, $178

Foodie Moms

Guelaguetza mole bundle HipLatina


Okay, this might actually be every mom, (who doesn’t love food?!) but we’re talking about the ladies who are either whipping up something new and daring in their kitchen or know about the hottest new restaurants in town. Mole from scratch can have any mom in the kitchen longer than they’d like to be, still, it’s too delicious not to be enjoyed ALL. THE. TIME. Thankfully the team at Guelaguetza has already done the hard work for us. All you have to do is add a few ingredients to their pre-packaged mole and in just ten minutes, you’ll have perfection. Feliz de Mole Bundle, $32

Empty Nest Moms

If you know a mom whose kids have recently flown the nest, be patient and gentle with them. Empty nest syndrome is a real thing and many moms can experience depression the first time their kids leave home. The best gift you can get them will be to get them out the house where they can meet other people. Consider getting them a pass to three ceramics classes. Hopefully they pick up the hobby, make a couple friends, and you’ll get some cute mugs out of it. Ceramics classes, prices and locations vary.

Single Moms

Single moms are serious MVPs, often taking care of kids, home, and work by their lonesome. Give them the gift they really need, a day to themselves. Offer to babysit and get them a gift certificate for a one-hour massage. They will be eternally grateful. Massage Envy, $75


fujifilm instax camera


For the photo-obsessed mother-in-law, pass along this cute polaroid camera. This way she can snap pics of you and your S.O. or kids that she can show off wherever she goes. Fujifilm Mini 8 Instax Camera, $50

New Moms

Glossier Super Glow serum


Chances are, if you know a new mom, they’re not getting a bunch of sleep these days. Give them the gift of looking well-rested even if they’re walking like a zombie. This super glow serum has vitamin C and magnesium which help to energize the look of her skin. Glossier Super Glow, $28

The “I Don’t Know You Too Well” Mom

Coffee magic mug


Lastly, if you want to buy a gift for a mom that you don’t know too well, a mug is always a safe bet. But it doesn’t have to be a boring mug. We love this option which lets everyone know when mami needs a refill. Pack of 2 Neat Magic Color-Changing Coffee Mugs, $13

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