22 Pairs of Hoop Earrings from Latinx Brands You Need to Buy ASAP

Hoop earrings are a classic and staple accessory of us Latinxs

Photo: Unsplash/@esmy5515

Photo: Unsplash/@esmy5515

Photo Credit: Hija de tu Madre

Hoop earrings are a classic and staple accessory of us Latinxs. They speak to our style, our refusal to blend in with the “mainstream,” and our desire to be bold, to be seen.

They are rocked everywhere, from the streets to the boardroom to the floor of Congress (shout out AOC!). No matter how many pairs of hoops we have, we always seem to have room for one—make that several—more.

This is why we wanted to find some of the coolest pairs of hoops out there and share them with you. These accessories also come from Latinx brands because who better to create and share something so very Latinx than businesses ran by Latinxs? With each pair of earrings, you will get where-to-shop info, so you can instantly add these rad earrings to your hoop collection!

wp_*postsMission Native Apparel La Mision Hoops


Our first set of dope hoops comes from the San Francisco brand Mission Native Apparel. The Latina-owned company created these earrings that let everyone know that you’re from and/or just love the Mission District, a.k.a. La Mision. This way you can not only rep your city but also rep your hood.

Available via DM (payment by Venmo), $40

wp_*postsSui Generis Jewelry Hammered Silver-Plated Hoops

Photo: Sui Generis Jewelry/Etsy

Not all hoops have to be big and bold and emblazoned with words. Sometimes a more natural, earthy approach is perfect. Like these Sui Generis Jewelry hammered hoops. The effect is elegant, a bit boho, and perfectly imperfect. Added bonus? Proceeds from the sale of Generis Jewelry go towards PhunDed, a scholarship for first-generation PhDs.

Available at etsy.com, $35.50

wp_*postsMiski Metal Aymara Acrylic Hoops

These cool hoops by Miski Metals manage to look both Indigenous and futuristic at the same time. Made from clear acrylic, their pattern is inspired by “traditional Aymara pottery designs.” These earrings are a great neutral—yet elevated—accessory, a definite conversation starter.

Available at etsy.com, $35-$40

wp_*postsXIXI At the Cross Hoops

Another pair of hoops that work as a neutral, classic piece, but also have something extra are these At the Cross earrings by Adrienne Bailon’s lines, XIXI. They’re a great way to showcase your faith, and also have a cool, vintage ’80s feel to them.

Available at shopxixicom, $30

wp_*postsKatherine Cordero Gamma Hoops

Not all hoops have to be classic gold ones. Sometimes we want to rock out-of-the-box, super ornate options. Katherine Cordero’s Gamma Hoops are so dramatic in the best way possible, dripping with both feminine glitz and glam.

Available at katherinecordero.com, $250

wp_*postsDora’s Tiendita PODEROSA Hoops

A pair of classic hoops with just a little something different is how you would describe these earrings by Dora Lopez’s Dora’s Tiendita. They’re made from brass and nickel-free wire and feature a horizontal bar that gives these accessories a geometric look.

Available at etsy.com, $17

wp_*postsHoneyBGold Pink Lady Hoops

HoneyBGold is a brand that always makes dope hoops you want to add to your online cart. Just like these 14k-gold-plated Pink Lady earrings, which pay homage to La Virgen de Guadalupe, and feature little pops of silver and pretty pink.

Available at honeybgold.com, $22

wp_*postsKatherine Cordero Luna de Miel Hoops

Photo: KatherineCordero.com

Another pair of fabulous Katherine Cordero hoops we just had to recommend are these celestial Luna de Miel earrings. You have the classic hoop shape, but there are beautiful dangles in the shape of moons/suns, crescent moons, and stars.

Available at katherinecordero.com, $175

wp_*postsCBJbyLorena Cactus Hoops

Photo: CBJbyLorena/Etsy

A lot of cool Latinx-themed hoop earrings feature an ’80s vintage bamboo doorknocker style, emblazoned with words and/or other fun decoration that speak to Latinx identity and culture. These by CBJbyLorena feature adorable cactus and orange roses, giving off a total Southwest/Chicanx/Mexican vibe (although cactus is seen throughout Latin America!).

Available at etsy.com, $37

wp_*postsHija de tu Madre LA Hoops

If you hail from Los Angeles or just love it, why not snatch up Hija de tu Madre’s L.A .hoops? They’re part of the LAtina collection, are 18k-gold-plated over stainless steel, and 2.5″ inches in width. And they’re a great way to pay homage to La La Land.

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $59.99

wp_*postsLuni Soundwave Brass Hoops

Luni makes these super cool earrings that feature an “organic sound wave design.” The handmade brass hoops are 2″ in width, 2 1/2″ in length, and feature sterling silver posts. They’re a great alternative to regular hoops when you want something unique yet classic.

Available at luni.style, $45

wp_*postsMission Native Apparel Reina del 415 Hoops


Latinxs from San Francisco can let everyone know that they are reinas of the 415 with these stylish hoops by Mission Native Apparel. It’s about time that cool accessories like these are made for SF natives! You can check out Mission Native’s Instagram account (@mission.native) for several other hoops, necklaces, mugs, and more that shout out the City by the Bay.

Available via DM (payment by Venmo), $40

wp_*postsXIXI Claudette Pearl Hoops

Pearls are all the rage in 2019. You will see them as part of makeup looks, dotting jeans, on hair barrettes, and of course in jewelry! These hoops by XIXI feature pearls of varying sizes, creating a cool, on-trend look. Just so you know, the brand also has a pair of pearl hoops where the beads are all the same size.

Available at shopxixi.com, $20

wp_*postsHija de tu Madre Jefa Hoops

You know you’re a jefa—why not instantly tell the rest of the world? Hija de tu Madre is the leader on repping the jefa lifestyle, and these Jefa Hoops are just one of many boss-lady-themed items you can get from Patty Delgado’s Chicanx-owned, Latinx brand.

Available at hijadetumadre.com, $58

wp_*postsHoneyBGold Reina de las Reinas Hoops

If you want to rep your love for La Virgen de Guadalupe even bolder, these 3″ hoops by HoneyBGold are the ticket. She takes up a large portion of each earring, with pink roses placed at her feet. This accessory is meaningful, cultural, stylish, and timeless.

Available at honeybgold.com, $40

wp_*postsQUETZAL Boutique Crescent and Star Sterling Silver Hoops

Photo: QUETZAL Boutique

QUETZAL Boutique has so many rad products that shout out the culture and have you wanting to click “add to cart.” These sterling silver hoops are definitely one of these items. They’re so cute, featuring small, yet still bold, crescent moons and stars!

Available at quetzalboutique.com, $68


Mi Vida Future Is Female Hoops

Photo: ShopMiVida.com

We know the future is female, and think everyone else should know as well. That’s why we love these chic hoop earrings by Mi Vida! You get the classic sleekness of traditional hoops, but with these true AF words emblazoned in them. They’re the perfect accessory for any fierce feminist.

Available at shopmivida.com, $16

wp_*postsMission Native Apparel Barrio Babe Hoops


Part of being Latinx is being proud of where you came from. Of being an orgullosa barrio babe. Mission Native Apparel’s Barrio Babe Hoops allow Latinxs from all over to rep their hoods and themselves.

Available via DM (payment by Venmo), $40

wp_*postsXIXI La Vie En Rose Hoops

Whether you’re repping for Selena, or just love roses (or both!), these La Vie En Rose hoops by XIXI are just for you. They’re sold out in rose gold and gold, but still available in striking silver. They’re earrings that will add a feminine touch to most any outfit.

Available on shopxixi.com, $24

wp_*postsQUETZAL Boutique Citlalli Filigree Style Hoops

We told you QUETZAL has several great Latinx-themed items! Another one is these Citlalli Filigree Style Hoops. These stunners pack so much beautiful, ornate detail into a hoop design, and at a variety of price points, and options in sterling silver, 14k gold, or 18k gold, you can go relatively affordable up to luxe.

Available at quetzalboutique.com, $55-$895

wp_*postsMi Vida Geo Scallop Hoops

Photo: ShopMiVida.com

Mi Vida has another cool pair of earrings to check out and buy. Their Geo Scallop Hoops feature an ornate design you can’t help but stare at, a style that you don’t see in other hoops. They’re a refreshing way to add some detail and something new and unexpected to your hoops collection.

Available at shopmivida.com, $16

wp_*postsQUETZAL Boutique Mexican Vintage Filigree Butterfly Hoops

Photo: QUETZALBoutique.com

The final QUETZAL Boutique earrings we will be taking a look at in this roundup are their Mexican Vintage Filigree Butterfly Hoops. “Casted in the purest grade sterling silver,” these boho-chic accessories are antiqued to bring out the beautiful design.

Available at quetzalboutique.com, $65

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