22 Plus-Size Swimsuits That Will Make You Slay This Summer

There’s nothing like celebrating summer by enjoying a nice day on the beach. For many women, that means sporting stylish bikinis and one-pieces. For plus-size women like myself, we’re often forced to wear shorts and shirts in efforts to hide our bodies. Plus-size bodies were never meant to be celebrated and seen without layers of clothes on top of them. Fortunately, things have changed and full figured women love showing off their curves, thighs and bellies because bodies were meant to be celebrated too. Here are 22 swimsuits that will make you feel confident, comfortable, and hotter than the sun this summer!


Kulani Kinis bikini top, $27; Kulani Kinis bottom $34

Plus-size swimsuits Hiplatina

If your an active beach goer i.e. beach volleyball, this sports bra type of swimsuit might be the best for you. The thick back and frontal band will definitely help keep the girls in place.




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