Plus-size summer swimsuits Hiplatina

22 Plus-Size Swimsuits That Will Make You Slay This Summer


There’s nothing like celebrating summer by enjoying a nice day on the beach. For many women, that means sporting stylish bikinis and one-pieces. For plus-size women like myself, we’re often forced to wear shorts and shirts in efforts to hide our bodies. Plus-size bodies were never meant to be celebrated and seen without layers of clothes on top of them. Fortunately, things have changed and full figured women love showing off their curves, thighs and bellies because bodies were meant to be celebrated too. Here are 22 swimsuits that will make you feel confident, comfortable, and hotter than the sun this summer!


Kulani Kinis bikini top, $27; Kulani Kinis bottom $34

Plus-size swimsuits Hiplatina

If your an active beach goer i.e. beach volleyball, this sports bra type of swimsuit might be the best for you. The thick back and frontal band will definitely help keep the girls in place.

Palm Tree Bikini top, $18; Palm Tree Bikini bottom $8

Plus-size swimsuits Hiplatina

Most of us wish we were at the beach all summer long. This palm tree swimsuit will have to hold us over for now.

Kulani Kinis Rainbow one-piece swimsuit, $41

Plus-size swimsuits Hiplatina

Who said a one-piece swimsuit had to be boring? The cute pastel rainbow straps make this black-exposed swimsuit a must-have this summer.

Multicolor Chevron bikini top, $16;Multicolor Chevron bikini bottom, $14

Be the boho goddess you were meant to be in this crochet bikini. The mustard chevron print on this swimsuit makes us want to lay on the beach and get our tan on while sipping on a coconut.  

Strapless Cut-out one-piece swimsuit, $20

Finding a strapless plus-size, one-piece is harder to find than a unicorn. Not only is this swimsuit strapless but cute AF with an adorable boob bow.

Tropical Toucan Off-the-shoulder bikini top, $16; Tropical Toucan bikini bottom, $14

If you’re homesick and missing the clear blue waters of your hometown in the Caribbean, this swimsuit will make up for it. Nothing feels flirtier than an off-the-shoulder swimsuit top.

L.A. Gear High Waist Bikini top, $14 L.A. Gear High Waist Bikini bottom $13

Swimsuits aren’t just for the beach. Rock this badass swimsuit in the park with some roller skates. Live your life like an epic 80’s music video.

Mesh Trim High-waist bikini top,$13; Mesh Trim bikini bottom, $11

Swimsuits don’t get sexier than this mesh bikini. You get the comfort of a full swimsuit while giving the illusion of wearing the tiniest bikini at the beach.

Kulani Kinis Palm Leaf One-piece swimsuit, $40.60

This swimsuit was meant to be on Instagram. Add a Panama hat and some fun accessories to finish off this beach look. 

Red Striped bikini top $80; Red Striped bikini bottom $65

If you’re not trying to show your panza all summer, try a high-waisted swimsuit. This striped two-piece gives you that mod vibe while still not feeling too exposed.

One-piece swimsuit with Ruffle Shoulder, $120

If these ruffled shoulders don’t give you luxe queen vibes at the pool, nothing will. This swimsuit is perfect to wear during the day too. Add a pair of denim shorts to look cool AF on your way to the beach.  

One-shoulder Twist Front Swimsuit, $120

This swimsuit is for the big boob girls who can’t afford to go completely strapless. Give the illusion of a strapless swimsuit while still having the comfort of not having your boob fall out.

Asymmetrical Ruffle One-piece swimsuit, $120

Let everyone know you’re the queen of the summer with this ruffled sash. It’s also available in a coral and in peach.

Tie Front One-piece swimsuit, $120

Colorblocking with pastel colors is a great way to stay on trend without having to wear loud colors. This one-piece gives the illusion of a fun bikini without having to deal with tying all those cute bows.

Wrap Waist One-piece swimsuit, $111

Nothing looks cooler than a wrap-around swimsuit. Thankfully this one is a one-piece and you can still look cool without having to deal with figuring out how it goes on.

Colorblock One-piece swimsuit with tie, $111

Get ready to see pink and red color combinations all summer. This swimsuit will keep you on trend!

Leopard Print Mesh Inset one-piece swimsuit, $89

If you’re looking for a swimsuit that wears like a bra, this swimsuit is for you. Keep the girls in place while still feeling comfortable and confident at the pool. 

Blue Tie-Dye Lattice Bikini top, $39; Blue Tie Dye bikini bottom $25

Swimsuits can be pretty uncomfortable, even if you’re wearing one that fits just right. I like to wear a high-waisted swimsuit with a longer swimsuit top to make sure nothing slips out.

Gingham Floral bikini top, $49; Gingham Floral bikini bottom $25

You can’t end summer without mix-matching prints. This swimsuit did most of the work for you combining the floral and gingham. All you have to do is wear it with confidence.

Black & White Push-up Multiway One-piece swimsuit, $79

Wearing a one-piece swimsuit can hide your shape. The white lines on this black swimsuit helps to emphasize your curves and in a good way. 

Floral Print Ruffled Peplum One-piece swimsuit, $79

Make Miranda Priestly proud and wear florals all summer long too. This swimsuit has a ruffle emphasizing your waist and giving off a super girly vibe.

Black strappy push-up bikini top, $49;  Black Ladder Mesh High Waist swim bottom, $25

You can’t go wrong with a black swimsuit set. The fun straps on this top will take it from “basic” to a “must buy!”


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