23 Hair Tutorials to Try Now That We Have All the Time in the World

We have way too much time on our hands these days

Photo: Nena Moreno/YouTube

Photo: Nena Moreno/YouTube

We have way too much time on our hands these days. Even if we are doing projects around the house, catching up on our favorite shows, or cleaning for the umpteenth time, there still seems to be more time left over. And that can be a great thing! Making your extra free time work for you by learning what you’ve always wanted to can make staying at home more fun and educational.

When you have some time, aside from also practicing some serious self-care and relaxation, you can always learn how to create those cool, sometimes intricate hairstyles that you’ve always wanted to try out. We compiled a handy list of over 23 cool hairstyles (some videos feature up to 12 hairstyles per video!), so you can get your glam on, in the comfort of your own home.

HOW TO CORNROW 4 BEGINNERS by Beautycanbraid

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to do braids, this is the time to do it. Not only do you have the time to watch informative videos on YouTube, but you also have the time to go through all the trial and error. Cornrows are a classic that have been around for thousands of years, protecting the hair with style.

5 Quick & Easy Vintage Hairstyles by Rachel Maksy

You don’t always have to follow the latest trends when it comes to beauty. In fact, some of the most fabulous and enduring hairstyles are total throwbacks. You can learn how to recreate five such vintage hairstyles in this video.

In addition to antique and vintage styles, it is also super cool to learn about ancient, Indigenous, and traditional hairstyles, especially if they are from our own culture(s). This video goes over the ancient braids of South America, which combine culture and tradition with style.

Within the fabulous vintage hairstyles of yesteryear are the pachuca styles that were the precursor to today’s chola styles. These voluminous, feminine looks, originating in the 1940s and ’50s, are still rocked today. This video shows how to recreate a specific pachuca look, that of vintage Mexican calendar pinups.

It’s warming up outside, and you’ll want to start wearing hairstyles that not only keep your hair up and away from your face and neck, but that look great–even if you’re staying at home. This video by Melissa Erial teaches you how to do several spring and summer hairstyles for natural hair.

12+ Hairstyles Using Braiding Hair by BeautyinNatural

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that you can’t wear gorgeous, dramatic, and chic hairstyles. On YouTube, BeautyinNatural shows us how to recreate 12 amazing, stylish looks using braiding hair — in one video.

You’ve seen those vintage, cholatastic beehives on Instagram–big, badass, and the perfect complement to equally major brows and eyeliner. You’ve probably wanted to recreate the look, but maybe didn’t have the time, or never got around to it. Nena Moreno shows you how to get that big beehive, easily, in this YouTube video.

Just like buns and ponytails, you have the classic basics down pat. But, this is the time to branch out and get fancier with your options. There are seemingly endless options for braids, with all sorts of intricate patterns popping up online. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make 10 braids that look complex, but can totally be copied.

This isn’t specifically a hairstyle how-to, but rather a fabulous look into Tracee Ellis Ross’ curly hair routine and beauty routine. You will learn about the products she uses, and the steps of her beauty regimen, and of course get a healthy dose of that wonderful Tracee Ellis Ross humor.


Just because we don’t know what day it is doesn’t mean that we can’t still be on trend for 2020, whatever month we’re in. This YouTube tutorial shows the hairstyles that will keep you looking chic, stylish, and on-trend, even from home.

Just because you have short hair, it doesn’t mean you are super limited with your hairstyle options. Sometimes you just need to watch an informative video that will give you a ton of new ideas! In this vid, Milabu shares hairstyles that feature soft retro waves, as well as five different ways to accessorize your cropped hair.


Another Nena Moreno YouTube tutorial you’ll want to check out is her “Peinado Estilo Pachuca” one. In it, she will teach you how to get that rad pachuca pompadour that looks so hard to master. Learn it now, and you can then rock it forever.

Crown Braid Tutorial on Natural Hair by ChelisCurls

Crown braids are so bohemian, romantic, and pretty, and also keep your pelo off your face, and in place, which is fabulous. This makes the style perfect for this hectic time, where you’ll want to look cute, without constantly worrying about your hair. ChelisCurls’ tutorial is a must-watch how-to for this style.

Easy and Cute Hairstyles For Curly Hair by Luxy Hair

Summer is almost here, and the temperatures are rising, but have no idea what to do with your curly hair. Luckily, Leyla over at Luxy Hair shows you a couple of pretty hairstyles you can easily recreate for the upcoming summer heat.

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