25 Non-Traditional Lipsticks from Latinx Beauty Brands That You’ll Want to Wear

Photo: @meltcosmetics/Instagram

There are so many beautiful, tried-and-true options when it comes to lipsticks in our favorite hues — nudes, reds, pinks, and burgundies. But sometimes, we want to try something completely different that will automatically turn some heads. We are talking about the other options in the beauty crayon box, like oranges, blues, greens, and greys. These are the colors that make your heart beat faster, while you’re wondering, can I pull these colors off? Yes, m’ijas, you can!

In fact, we wanted to share 25 completely out-of-the-box lip hues that we can’t wait to try out for ourselves. Check them out, grab them, and have fun trying out lip colors you never would have experimented with. Beauty is all about having fun, and these colors are definitely that.




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