4 Latinas Who Are Living Life in the Second Act on Their Terms

Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got there? If you made different choices would you be happier?” That’s the impactful line made by Jennifer Lopez in her latest film coming out this November titled “The Second Act

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Photo: Unsplash/@omarlopez1

Do you ever look at your life and wonder how you got there? If you made different choices would you be happier?” That’s the impactful line made by Jennifer Lopez in her latest film coming out this November titled “The Second Act.”

There are so many things I love about this project and script. People try to put women to sleep at a certain age. ‘Second Act’ is a story that empowers every woman to do more, to be more, and not limit their dreams,” Lopez said in an interview with Variety.com.  So many trailblazers, influencers, and talented women are doing just this every day out there and proving that life doesn’t just stop at a certain point or with a certain dream. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to make that Second Act count. Below are just a few women I admire that are breaking down barriers, opening the curtains for an award-winning second act they have made into a reality.


Eli Escobar: A Mega Star on the Houston Air-Waves

A mega career that has spanned over a decade, Eli Escobar is a perfect example of being able to reinvent yourself and rise up within the same company. “I started with Mega 101, I stayed with Mega, now I’m within the company but still do a lot of work with Mega,” Escobar told HipLatina, who is the Traffic Anchor for Mix 96.5 in Houston and evening host from 7-12 a.m. “It’s opened so many doors for reinventing my career for myself.”

This Latina pioneer who faced a few challenges along the way as she paid her dues didn’t let anything get in her way. When one of the stations was converted to Spanish, she was one of the few who spoke Spanish who could record commercials. “I jumped at the opportunity, I would stay late, filled in wherever I could, I would do it for free and little by little I got weekend shifts,” she said. After college, she was offered a full-time position for the morning show. Criticized for her Spanish at first, she took classes and has become one of the Latino community’s biggest assets on-air for advocating important issues.

Fast forward to today, and this Latina Trailblazer, mother, and wife is still shining bright blazing through as though each day is her first time on the air. “Ever since the first time I started talking on a mic I fell in love with it. This is my career, this is what I do, this is my passion. My heart still skips a beat when I turn the on-air sign. To me it’s important to make others feel good about themselves,” shared Escobar. “My age doesn’t define my ability to do what I love. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, and you keep training.” A true sentiment to the power of doing more no matter where you are in life.


Sol Macias: A Latina Rising

“You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be brave!” A mantra shared by this speaker, author, influencer, and all around inspirational leader in the Houston Community, Sol Macias. She is the founder of Sol Creative Media and Latinas Rising. Latinas Rising is a project that focuses on advocating for important issues that affect Latinas and their families.

The daughter of Mexican immigrants, this Latina trailblazer has always held education as a top priority. “My parents always instilled in us that education was really important and I always carry that with me,” says Macias, who hopes to obtain her Graduate Degree in Criminal Justice in 2019. “My upbringing has always been important in how I view the world.” It’s this tenacity and knowledge and background in advocating for those hard-core issues that inspired Macias to make the brave decision to leave a decorated career to pursue projects like Latinas Rising, which provides an outlet for women to share their struggles.

“To stop violence against women and children became my passion,” shared Macias. “I wanted to build a community, I wanted to build a tribe. That second act pulls you to what you’re supposed to be doing, and I feel Latinas Rising is what I am supposed to be doing right now.”

A true pioneer and groundbreaker for issues many are often afraid to talk about. “I came up with this project of creating an anthology for Latina women to tell their stories on sexual assault, domestic violence, mental health, education, any type of inspiring story,” shared Macias. “We are hoping to get Latinas Rising™ published, done and out for sale in December of 2018.” This wife, mother, and all around philanthropist extraordinaire is living out a dream to help others as she blazes through her second act with plans to host a first-ever LatinaCon in 2019 continuing her message with workshops and inspiring speakers. To follow Macias on her mission and journey visit her Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/LatinasRising/


Balancing Life with Blanca Beltran

“It’s your LIFE!  Do  it for you and your family and those friends who become part of your tribe.  Also, make sure to cherish those who want the best for you and never take them for granted,” says media personality extraordinaire and fitness guru, Blanca Beltran whose mantra is “Don’t stop, work hard, claim it!”

Having worked her way up through the ranks of the local ABC station in Houston for over a decade, one night during a shift Beltran realized it was time for a change. “During hurricanes, we lived at the station so those were the roughest times as a parent to be away from the kids,” shared Beltran. This mother of two and wife loved her job but loved her family more and knew it was time for a second act. “I decided to boldly put in my resignation, and I never looked back. Anytime anyone asks me do I regret leaving, I quickly say no,” stated Beltran. “I wouldn’t be where I am today.” And where she is today is a Latina influencer of Houston society, as she is not only a correspondent for the local Houston station (HTV), but she also pulls double duty as a Community Correspondent for the radio show Real Beauty Real Women (RBRW). To top that, Beltran is also the Media Chair for the National Hispanic Professional Organization (NHPO) & a Fitness Instructor to boot. You’ll also catch her as an M.C for various charitable events throughout the year.

“I just took on a new attitude, the new me said I can do whatever I set my mind to. When you get older you start doubting yourself. A lot had to do with getting more physically fit, that really gave me more confidence.” This role model for the ages definitely doesn’t let anything stop her from being more. Keep up with Beltran on her Facebook and Instagram.


Noyola’s Journey

Angelica Noyola invites you along on her journey into a world where she shares that her “vision is to inspire, support and encourage all immigrants and their future generations.” A blog titled Noyola’s Journey reminds you to “Remember The Sky is Not The Limit….. The mind is!”  A Latina pioneer making ground as a sought-after caterer and founder of Snapper Jack’s catering service.

Growing up in Mexico, Noyola never imagined she would land where she is today. A Latina pioneer who faced many challenges growing up and overcame adversities that could have easily discouraged and derailed her path. The oldest of 8 children, she transitioned to come work in Houston at the age of 19. “It was very difficult at first because you don’t know the language, you don’t know how to communicate and I felt lost for about three years,” Noyola says. Fast forward a few years to a job with Ninfa’s that put her on the path into the restaurant industry. “I jumped into all the positions and became a general manager and at one point I felt this was it and I didn’t want to stay as just a manager,” shared Noyola. It was this notion, along with a few trial and errors, that propelled Noyola into her second act of owning her own catering business, Snapper Jack’s. “Jumping from the restaurant to the catering world is like day and night. I started to get involved in the community and met a lot of people,” shared Noyola. “I came up with the idea for a catering business that focused on corporate and non-profits. Why, because the only way I felt I could give back to the community was by providing food.”

Losing everything and having to start over early in her career became a blessing Noyola is grateful for. “With the catering business it allows me more time with my son, and at the same time we are getting involved with the community and helping others,” she says. A dream come true for this culinary sensation hoping to reach out, inspire, and encourage others through her stories and recipes. You can follow Noyola’s journey through her blog and view her delicious menu offerings at Snapper Jack’s Catering.

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