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‘Blockbuster’ Stars Olga Merediz & Melissa Fumero Talk Latinx Representation

Sofía Aguilar
Warning: Some spoilers ahead Blockbuster, the video rental store that peaked in the ’90s, may be a thing of the past but a new Netflix series has brought new life to the former franchise. Blockbuster, a fictionalized workplace comedy following a group...
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Daniela Pierre-Bravo Wants Women of Color to Feel Empowered in the Workplace

Virginia Isaad
Daniela Pierre-Bravo is an MSNBC reporter for Morning Joe and a two-time published author but before she achieved this level of success in her career she was trying to figure out how to navigate the workplace as an undocumented first-generation...

8 Latina Entrepreneurs Who’ve Made History in Their Industries

Nicole Young
This month (and really all year long) we’re celebrating Latinas who’ve made history in all industries especially as business owners and entrepreneurs. Latinas represent 40 percent of all Latinx business owners and the number of Latina-led employer firms has grown...
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Best of 2021: 10 of the Top Latinx Influencers of the Year

Shayne Rodriguez Thompson
From celebrities like Selena Gomez to politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Latinxs are some of the most influential people in the country, so it should come as no surprise that some of the most prominent influencers and up-and-coming creators on social...
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10 Inspiring Latina Icons You Should Teach Your Kids About

March is Women’s History Month and while we support celebrating the achievements and contributions of all women, it’s all too often that Latinas are under-represented in coverage of this very special month of recognition. Powerful Latinas throughout history (with the...

5 WOC Who Have Opened Up About Their Struggles with Eating Disorders

Pamela Avila
About 29 million Americans experience a clinically significant eating disorder during their lifetime, reports The Alliance for Eating Disorders Awareness. But of that significant number of people, only one-third who struggle with eating disorders will ever receive treatment. The numbers...