5 Arizona Nature Lover Destinations To Check Out

Imagine driving through a vast open road with the sun setting to your right and the moon beginning to shine on the left

Photo: Unsplash/@flotography

Photo: Unsplash/@flotography

Imagine driving through a vast open road with the sun setting to your right and the moon beginning to shine on the left. You look ahead and spot big orange-red mountains which look extra fiery with the sunset hues in the background. This scene is real and perhaps one of the most beautiful landscapes I have driven through in the United States.It happened in the State of Arizona. Let me share with you why Arizona should be your next nature adventure destination.


Vast Open Roads

Looking to escape your traffic jammed city? Head over to Arizona where even their “rush hour” is minimal compared to that of Los Angeles. Want even more remote roads? Head over to the middle of the desert where you will come across dirt roads through beautiful landscapes. Take a drive through Saguaro National Park where you can admire the world’s largest cacti.




Anywhere that you decide to visit in Arizona, you are guaranteed to get a beautiful sunset show. The desert sky is really a view to admire with all its puffy clouds and its beautiful vibrant colors. If you are at the Grand Canyon, make sure to admire a sunset at Hopi Point.  



Arizona is a great state to road trip through because you have so many choices of places to visit. From the southern deserts to the northern mountains, you can create a great route. You can begin in Phoenix and heading north you can stop at Sedona, Flagstaff, The Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon. All these locations on their own are amazing places to see and spend some time at!



Views! If you are a landscape photography enthusiast then the Arizona topography will be like a playground for you. The rock formations of the beautiful boulders and mountains in Arizona are quite the sight to see. The most obvious one to mention and should not be disregarded is definitely The Grand Canyon. But have you heard of The Wave? The Wave, located in Northern Arizona, are sandstone formations which will make you feel like you are photographing another planet.


Bodies of Water


Arizona may be best known for its deserts but this does not mean you can’t have some fun with water. The state of Arizona has beautiful bodies of water, where you can cool down at after a long hike. You can take a boat ride on Lake Powell or a dip in the aqua blue Havasu Falls.

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