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5 Bilingual TV Shows for Preschoolers

If you want your kids to speak both English and Spanish, the following bilingual TV shows can support your efforts by helping preschoolers learn new words and phrases in both languages. The shows also teach gentle, age-appropriate lessons such as cooperation, problem-solving, and the importance of family. The main language of these shows is English, but you can find them dubbed in Spanish with phrases in English, too.

Dora the ExplorerNickelodeon

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Positive messages: collaboration, communication, curiosity, perseverance
This show is about a bilingual adventurer who can speak with critters and humans alike. The phrases are repeated constantly, and the series offers good exposure to language, culture, and creativity.

Go, Diego, Go! , Nickelodeon

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Positive messages: cooperation, teamwork
This spin-off of Dora the Explorer features Dora’s cousin Diego Marquez as an explorer of the Latin American rain forests. In each episode, Diego learns about an animal that is native to Latin America and saves it from a seemingly perilous situation. The show offers exposure to Latin American culture and demonstrates how a community can work together to help others.

Handy MannyDisney Channel

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Positive messages: respect, teamwork, problem-solving, having a positive attitude
This sweet, animated series for preschoolers reinforces common Spanish words and phrases and introduces viewers to a few new ones. Characters focus on helping others and always putting the community’s needs before their own.

Nina’s World, Sprout

Positive messages: problem-solving, cultural diversity, importance of family
This animated series celebrates multiculturalism and family in Nina’s close-knit household, where she’s cared for by her parents and her grandmother. Solving problems, embracing new experiences, and forging strong relationships that cross cultural boundaries are strong themes.

Pocoyo, Online

Positive messages: curiosity, friendship, problem-solving
Pocoyo acts like a typical preschooler — including getting frustrated when he’s not able to do something his friends can. But each story shows how he identifies the problem and works to fix it.