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5 Latino Foodie YouTube Channels That Will Have You Eating Out of the Palm of Their Hands

What exactly is it about foodie video footage featuring the mundane details of bringing a recipe to life that feels so gratifying? Whether you’re practicing abstinence for your health and looking for images to lust over until your next indulgence, seeking inspiration for your upcoming kitchen creation, or simply and inexplicably desiring to gaze upon the intricate, gooey interior of a perfectly baked salted caramel chocolate chip cookie, it’s all reason enough to hop on YouTube and treat yourself.

Las Recetas de Laura – Comidas Saludables

With 1.1 million subscribers, Laura Müller’s YouTube channel features “healthy, low fat food with natural ingredients.” Her own fight against obesity, and the prevention of diabetes, has led her to create dishes “without the use of butter, oil, cream or any derivative of fat.” Laura’s motto is “todo sano, todo en agua (everything healthy, everything in water.)”

La receta de abuelita

Yessica Pérez’s La receta de abuelita teaches you how to make the delicious, comfort food Latina grandmas everywhere would make with love. Think Mexican classics like tostadas de pollo, buñuelos, and chicharrón prensado. For those who prefer to learn the recipes in English, Pérez also has a English YouTube channel called howtocookmexicanfood.

La Cooquettte Food

Want to learn how to make outside the box things like Hot Cheeto mango popsicles, or edible chalkboards? How about more traditional options, such as BBQ ribs, or Argentinian empanadas? Maria Sierra of La Cooquette offers a healthy balance of the two on her YouTube channel (she also has a channel en Español!)


Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram has dedicated herself to living a “FullyRaw, or 100% raw vegan healthy lifestyle.” In addition to videos on beauty, travel, exercise, and other topics, you can find several videos on how to start eating raw vegan. You can try making some carrot bacon, curry noodles, and/or raw vegan ice cream.


Peruvian food is among the tastiest in the world, and is often intricate. Zoyla M, who says she is a cook and not a chef, helps demystify the process. There are several videos, covering home cooked delicacies, from papa rellena, to tallarines a la huancaina, to pastel de choclo.