5 Free Things to Do in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not a cheap place to reside. While some would call it more livable in certain respects than, say, New York City, there’s no arguing that the “celebrity-driven” California city can be costly. If you’re receiving a modest entry-level income, like my recently graduated friend who flew the nest to give the L.A. dream a try, inhabiting the city and paying for transportation may mean making some serious sacrifices in terms of neighborhood choice, food (my friend sees a lot of ramen in her future), and entertainment. Fortunately, there are still plenty of fun things to do that don’t cost a dime. For those ladies who are California dreamin’ on a budget, whether as residents or as vacationers, here are five free things to do in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Sign HipLaitna


Hike toward the Sign

If you’re asking yourself “What sign?”—first, it’s the famous Hollywood Sign, of course! Second, it’s Sign, with a capital “s,” as is evidenced in this sort of cult-ish sounding website for tourists, “SEEING THE SIGN.” Please note that I say hike toward the Sign and not directly to the Sign, because that’s illegal. There are a few different options for the hike, depending on how much of a trek you want to undertake. Happy sightseeing!

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