5 Items Travel Pros Pack: Curious What’s on the List?

Packing is highly personal

Photo: Unsplash/@dux

Photo: Unsplash/@dux

Packing is highly personal. What people choose to pack for a trip is a strategic decision. It’s always a curious thing to me what people bring with them when they travel. I think it tells a lot about which simple comforts are most important while away from home. I asked some of my boss lady friends about their top five must-have travel items. I was amused at the diversity of items they needed to be comfortable while traveling–it really shows the priorities and personality of each one perfectly, from the most practical physical comfort items ( e.g. allergy meds, comfortable shoes) to the essential beauty tools (e.g. 10 pounds of hair products). Read on for an inspirational list that will make packing for your next trip—well, if not a breeze, then certainly less stressful!

Sherly Tavarez

Sherly Tavarez packing HipLatina Travel

Photo: Courtesy of Sherly Tavarez

Sherly is a Fashion Stylist and Founder of Style The Scene. She moved to New York four years ago from Orlando, FL to make a name for herself in the world of fashion. When she first arrived she swore she wasn’t going to turn into one of those New Yorkers who always wears black. Now she admits she has given into the trend—black is now one of her favorite go-to style choices.

  1. My laptop
  2. Lip balm (Carmex or Blistex) & my current favorite nude lipstick
  3. Travel size steamer (check out these options)
  4. 10 pounds worth of hair products (insane I know)
  5. Hair-pick (because a hair pick is a curly girl’s best friend)


Kyshira S. Moffett

Kyshira Moffett packing HipLatina Travel

Photo: Courtesy of Kyshira S. Moffett, #HERmovement

Kyshira is the founder of The KSM Group, a digital branding consultancy that services small businesses and freelancers. She is also the creator of thisisHERmovement, a global lifestyle brand and blog.

  1. iPhone of course. Google Maps and Uber are my go-to apps when traveling! Also good for taking photos and reading on the go.
  2. Allergy meds (my allergies are the worst).
  3. Comfortable shoes. I like to wander around new places and need cozy shoes to enjoy my self-guided tours!
  4. Travel makeup bag—I have cute little pink bag that fits all of the products I need as well as my skincare items. I leave it packed in between trips to make sure it’s always ready for me to grab and go!
  5. Chamomile tea. I have trouble sleeping in hotel rooms so I have a “nighttime kit” which consists of an eye mask, tea, and lavender linen spray.


Natalie Bencivenga

Natalie Bencivenga HipLatina Packing

Photo: @NBSeen, Courtesy of Natalie Bencivenga

Natalie Bencivenga: Natalie is a media personality the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, penning both the Ask Natalie advice column and the SEEN column, which highlights all of the wonderful philanthropic events and new hot spots in Pittsburgh. Follow her on Instagram @NatalieBenci or on Twitter @NBSeen. She is also available for media consulting or speaking engagements.

  1. My laptop. I am always on the go and need to be able to work and write whenever I can, and let’s be honest, answering emails on your phone is annoying.
  2. Moisturizing sunscreen keeps my skin hydrated and protected. Plus, I have heard that you can still get sunburn when you have the window open on the plane and the sun hits one side of your face. Not a good look.
  3. A warm wrap/scarf. I have to have some kind of blanket with me. Also good for balling up and sticking under my lower back if the seat starts to hurt.
  4. Healthy snacks like kale chips or dried fruits which I can buy en route. Going to the airport gift shop gives me a reason buy a few trashy magazines too.
  5. Sunglasses. No matter the time of day, I always wear sunglasses on a flight because I don’t like to wear makeup when I travel. Sunglasses, red lips, out the door!


Tiffany Jackson

Tiffany Jackson Packing HipLatina

Photo: WriteinBK.com (Courtesy of Tiffany Jackson)

Tiffany D. Jackson is the author of ALLEGEDLY (HarperCollins/Katherine Tegen Books). A TV professional by day, novelist by night, awkward black girl 24/7.

  1. My laptop—I work on my novels during long plane rides. It’s imperative to be lightweight
  2. My cell phone has everything I need: calculate, translator, kindle, travel notes, etc
  3. The ribbon my Grandmother gave me on my first suitcase, which I keep tied to my new suitcase.
  4. Grey Ked Sneakers—they are comfy for walking and dancing
  5. Medicine pouch—I sometimes get sick on trips so I walk around with a little pouch that has everything from aspirin to Benedryl to Sleeping meds.


Olga Maria

Olga Maria is a travel and lifestyle influencer with two postal addresses, one in Berlin, Germany and the other in NYC, but she considers herself a digital nomad since she works from her laptop and she’s always traveling around the world. She’s the founder of Dreamsinheels.com, and of the community Latinaswhotravel.com, and her mission is to inspire others to live to the maximum and to find adventure (regardless if it’s internationally or just around their own neighborhood).

Olga Dreams in Heels HipLatina Packing

Photo: Dreams in Heels, Courtesy of Olga Maria

  1. As I document everything on video for my YouTube channel, Dreams in Heels TV, and also for Hiplatina Travel, I cannot travel without my Sony alpha 6000 mirrorless camera, a foldable tripod, a microphone, extra batteries, my external hard drive, MacBook Air and my three portable chargers. I need lots of space and juice since I’m documenting my journey through social media, editing photos on Lightroom to upload to my Instagram @dreamsinheels and saving lots of footage (video takes lots of space, but it’s worth it!)
  2. I need to bring a neck pillow, an eye mask and a blanket with me on the road. This helps me sleep more comfortably so that I can look my best in pictures and on video
  3. I always bring a big foldable tote in case my luggage is overweight, or I need to carry anything extra I bought at the last minute
  4. Several pair of sunglasses to complete my looks, a clutch in case I go out somewhere fancy, a few scarfs to accessorize outfits and in case it gets cold, my Lo & Sons Claremont stylish camera bag, sunscreen, a make up bag with many essentials, a swimsuit, even if it’s winter, you can use it at an inside pool, sauna, spa, etc. And of course several pair of high heels, but especially one pair in black that matches multiple outfits
  5. A sewing kit and invisible tape for my fashion needs plus any wardrobe emergencies and a small first-aid kit in my purse because I run around a lot


Lola Méndez

Lola Mendez Packing HipLatina

Photo: Miss Filatelista, Courtesy of Lola Méndez

Lola Méndez is a full-time traveler sharing her adventures on Miss Filatelista as she collects passport stamps. She travels to develop her own worldview and has explored 45 countries. Passionate about sustainable travel, she seeks out ethical experiences that benefit local communities. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

  1. I cannot travel without my two portable chargers. One just is not enough! My phone needs enough juice to take pictures, access my Instagram account @MissFilatelista, and be able to navigate using Google maps. I don’t usually buy sim cards when I travel, so I need to make sure I am always wifi ready!  
  2. My newest travel necessity is the Diva Cup. After embarrassing interactions at pharmacies trying to buy female menstruation products abroad I decided to try it. Not only is it better for the environment, and your body (no TSS risk), but it is incredibly easy to use and clean.
  3. As I am Latina, superstitions are deeply engraved in my beliefs. I have never once traveled without a token of good luck. My good omen is a hand stitched patch that my fairy godmother made me with a portrait of Frida Kahlo and the inscription, ”Embrace Your Passion.”
  4. I also wear talismans. All of my 12 tattoos (and counting) are reminders of the way I want to live my life and the type of person I aspire to be. I also wear many crystals and gems. I believe in the healing and protecting power of these stones. One particularly special piece is the amethyst my father brought me from his homeland, Uruguay.
  5. You cannot carry paper books when you travel, they get too heavy. I started using a Kindle reader on my Ipad and now can keep a library of books on me wherever I go.

Great list ladies, we always find a new tips or two, from our fellow travel experts. Go Discover, Go Explore, Go Live it!

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