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Photo: Courtesy of Olga Maria

5 Places to See for Arts and Shopping in Hamburg, Germany

Take your time, explore, eat  and take in all the shopping learn to shop like a local with Olga Maria. She shares her 5 favorites tips and places to visit for a weekend getaway in Hamburg Germany.

Arts & Museum

Pick up your Kunstmeile Hamburg Pass, 1 ticket – 5 museum – 12 months. The Kunstmeile Hamburg are five renowned art institutions in the center of Hamburg.


Shopping at the Historic Schanzenviertel District aka Hamburg’s hip hotspots, boutiques, bars, restaurants with a quirky vibe and spot for nightlife.

Looking for fashion and style, we found it at Maison-Suneve.com. Designer Katherine Czemper shares her latest collections at her boutique. Maison-Suneve.com ‘s a Hamburg-based fashion label, which was founded in 2011 by Katherina Czemper graduate designer and artist Matthieu Voirin. A mix of French and German minimalism and elegance encounter inspired by the contemporary art digital prints and abstract shapes. 

Fischmarkt Hamburg

Every Sunday morning from 7 a.m, to 9:30 a.m. locals and visitors alike arrive at the historic market for coffee or shop. Most of the fun at the market was to watching the market barkers outscream each other to attract more sales, from fresh fish to flowers, or hand-crafted traditional souvenirs.

This is a must stop when planning your weekend in Hamburg.