5 South American Countries To Visit

South America is one of the most popular travel destinations when it comes to backpackers and adventure seekers

Photo: Unsplash/@marianaproenca

Photo: Unsplash/@marianaproenca

South America is one of the most popular travel destinations when it comes to backpackers and adventure seekers. With its beautiful mountain ranges, jungles, beaches, and variety in climate, it makes the continent a traveler’s paradise. Brazil, Peru, and Colombia have reigned as the top destinations to visit within the continent. With landmarks such as Christ the Redeemer and Machu Picchu, no doubt those are amazing countries to visit. But let’s take a look at other South American landmarks located in other countries worth visiting!



Bolivia sits in the interior of the South American continent. It shares a border with Brazil, Peru, Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina. Its rich and rugged terrain makes Bolivia an amazing place to see beautiful deserts and mountain ranges. One of the most magical places in Bolivia is Salar de Uyuni. At 11,000 sq km, it is the world’s largest salt flat.





On the west coast of South America and standing right across the equator you will find Ecuador. Ecuador has urban cities, beautiful beaches, lakes, and volcanoes. One of the highlights of the country is the Galapagos Islands. Made up of twenty-one islands, The Galapagos is considered one of the world’s best destinations to observe wildlife.




Chile is a long narrow country in South America which takes up 3,700 miles of the Pacific Coast. A lot of coast means a lot of beautiful beach towns to visit. One of it’s most recognized beach cities is Valparaiso. It is best known for its colorful cliff top homes and art. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Chile are in Viña del Mar which is the city right next to Valparaiso.




Right below Brazil you will find beautiful Uruguay, that’s filled with beaches that are just as impressive as those of its northern neighbor. Montevideo, Uruguay’s seaside capital, is a great location to visit if you want to see beautiful architecture and learn about the country’s history. If you are looking for full on rest and relaxation you can visit Punta del Este where some of the country’s best beach side resorts are located. In Punta del Este you will also see the famous “Mano de Punta del Este” sculpture by Chilean artist Mario Irarrázabal.




Paraguay sits in the interior of the continent. Like Bolivia, it shares borders with multiple countries; Brazil, Bolivia, and Argentina. Parque Nacional Ybycui is the country’s most visited national park. It is home to a lot of wildlife like monkeys, butterflies, and tropical birds. There are also many trails to choose from which will lead you to beautiful waterfalls. If you are looking into visiting a city head over to Encarnacion, where you will find colonial style architecture on the edge of the Paraná River.

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