5 Sustainable Tours in the Dominican Republic and Haiti

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Photo: Unsplash/@asaelamaury

Photo: Unsplash/@asaelamaury

I’ve covered Visit.org before, but for those new to the platform, it’s a New York-based digital platform working with other non-profit organizations from around over the world to list tours these organizations conduct. The tour funds are invested in the underserved communities they serve. Visit.org works with about 64 countries from Albania to Vietnam and has 500 tours listed on their site! Latin America and the Caribbean alone have an abundance of very interesting tours. Here are 5 sustainable and educational tours from Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Haiti Educational Tour: Dolphin and Whale Watching

Sail and swim in the beautiful waters of Petit Goave, west of Port-au-Prince, to learn about unique animal species while whale and dolphin watching. For five hours at $63 per person, you’ll be supporting The Haiti Ocean Project who curates personal marine life experiences while educating visitors on conservation and research. Book here.

Dominican Republic Community Tour: Meet the People of La Coinage

Visit the beach town of La Ciénaga, in Barahona, in the west coast of the Dominican Republic and spend a night with a local Dominican family in a small village to learn their customs and ways of living. In the morning, enjoy a traditional Dominican breakfast at their home and then explore the community with a local guide for two hours. Followed by visiting the Larimar Mine that holds the semi-precious stone only found in La Ciénaga. For $14, you’ll be supporting the GuanAventuras community-based cooperative who facilitate workshops and helps to preserve its surrounding environment. Book here.

Museum Tour: Visit the World’s First Girl’s Museum

Visit the Mariposa Center for Girls in the Dominican Republic for $19 and support the Mariposa DR Foundation, a non-profit that empowers and supports young girls through educational programs. For an hour and a half, you’ll get an in-depth tour of the facilities where many art installations are displayed and a historical background of the foundation followed by a lunch at the Cabarete Coffee Company. Book here.

Las Terrenas Eco Tour: Plant Mangroves Along the Scenic Shoreline

Support the Fundación Mahatma Gandhi, an organization who works to provide a sustainable quality life for its community through educational growth in its environmental tour. For three to four hours, plant mangroves near the rivers of Las Terranas while learning about the rich history of the town, its current environmental problems, and the steps needed to solve them. At $40 each person, the funds will go to the Anaconda Library. Book here.

Dominican Republic Adventure Tour: Fishing, Caves & Natural Pools

GuanAventuras offers a second tour closer to nature whose funds go to the same projects of the La Ciénaga rural community cooperative. At $86 per person for two to five hours, take a boat ride through La Ciénaga’s bay where you’ll reach a natural pool in a quiet area within the forest followed by a hike down to the beautiful Cave of the Virgin. For more details and to book.

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