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5 Underground Latina Artist You Must See

The Woman is now!

This new generation of badass Latinas is a wave of unapologetic, strong, confident, resilient, fearless and outspoken beings who are changing the minds of those who think women should be quiet and docile.

Here are 4 Latinas and 1 Music Feminist movement that is changing the underground music scene foreva!

DJ Bembona


Panamanian y Boricua, Brooklynite DJ Bembona brings consciousness and social awareness through her blending of contemporary and classic Latin/Global sounds while implementing excerpts of social issues such as gentrification. Check her out around New York in places like Camaradas in East Harlem and Starr Bar in Bushwick.

Kali Uchis

Colombian-born, Virginia-raised pop singer Kali Uchis is one of the younger Latina emerging artists who are undeniably unforgettable. With her unapologetic style, personality and sensual R&B-inspired rhythm, Kali is one artist to look out for. Check out her upcoming shows.

Princess Nokia

Nuyorican rapper Princess Nokia is becoming a more veteran artist as she continues to develop her craft and sell out shows around the world. But what makes her so “underground” is her resistance to sign to a big music label and continue to perform at all kinds of venues such as a small nightclub or on a big stage. Rejecting over 30-something big music label offers, Destiny Frasqueri stays true to the type of music she wants to put out and how she wants to represent it. Brujas music video is a perfect example. Check out her upcoming shows here and here.

Ruidosa Fest

Ruidosa Festival HipLatina

Ruidosa Fest is a music feminist festival who promote feminism in music consisting of conversations and concerts. The concept is to put the woman at the forefront and be part of the dialogue in the music industry. The festival tours around the world. The next festival will be the weekend of March 9th in Santiago, Chile. Check out their website for more details.


New York-based Latin band Yotoco comprises of a 5-member band with one female – one of the two lead singers, Natalia Lopez. With a blend of salsa, son, cumbia, merengue, psychedelic rock, rumba, funks, bomba y plena, Natalia and the rest of the band create music inevitable to dance to. Listen to their music here and stay updated on their upcoming shows here.