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5 Unexpected Latina Entrepreneurs To Watch

While it’s no secret that the Black community has made many efforts to build Black-owned entrepreneurs businesses and encourage a habit of “buying Black,” there are many economic reasons why members of the Latinx community should emphasize (or continue to emphasize) supporting Hispanic-owned businesses. According to a 2018 Neilsen report, “the growing buying power of the 57 million Hispanics in the U.S. is a definite opportunity for manufacturers and retailers.” In 2016, Hispanic buying power reached $1.4 trillion and it’s expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2021. Thus, the impact of investing those dollars in the community would be transformative.

We explored a few “hidden gem” on Instagram to uncover the coolest Latina-owned businesses to support this summer.


Alexandra Garza

After nailing it as a fashion and lifestyle influencer for several years, Alexandra Garza opened up her online clothing boutique, “Good to Be.” Acting as a model and founder for the brand, Garza also juggles life as a new mom. However, Garza’s hustle doesn’t stop there. She began blogging when she was a  licensed hairstylist and makeup artist. Yet, she’s only 26 years old! If her line’s flirty and summery tops and dresses aren’t reasoning enough to support her brand, her ambition surely should be.

Ashley Marie

While Kylie Jenner’s made more money in her short twenty years on this planet, it’s no secret that she did it by co-opting the body parts of ethnic women. That’s why we were excited to find Ashley Marie on Instagram, with her striking red lips and uncanny vintage pin-up girl aesthetic.  A true breath of fresh air, Ashley embodies authentic womanhood and self-love—oh, and she happens to make the best red lip color for our skin. Who needs a Jenner lip kit when you can look like a fierce and fiery version of Betty Boop?

Kate Ramos

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Last week I was volunteering in my son’s kindergarten class when his teacher asked a group of students what they wanted to be when they grew up. ✨ A little girl said, “I want to be me.” Which I thought was the most inspirational thing I ever heard, from anyone, let alone a six year old. ✨ His teacher said “How are you going to make money doing that?” I love his teacher and I think it’s a valid question, so I don’t want to seem critical, but I was shocked at her response. ✨ I understand her perspective is pretty common to think we have to be someone other than ourselves to make money and find success. ✨ But you are looking at two individuals who are raising kids and making a living as artists and chefs and striving our hardest to become more of who we are every day and no, we’re not millionaires…. yet, but we’re doing fine without sacrificing our dreams. ✨ It IS possible to be you when you grow up. What are your dreams? What have you always wanted to do? Whatever it is, go do it! The world needs you now more than ever. ✨ 📸 by @ckalima . . . #hugthemoment #thehappynow #thatsdarling #gathering #beautifulmatters #gatheringslikethese #theartofslowliving #food52grams #buzzfeast #ohheymama #instagood #feedfeed #documentlife #habitandhome #holajalapeno #socalstyle #pursuepretty #flashesofdelight #thepursuitofjoyproject

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As the founder of the blog, Hola Jalapeño, Kate whips up the most refreshing and delicious—yet healthful Latin-inspired meals. From her tequila brown sugar bacon recipe to her lamb tostadas, her cookbook-worthy recipes are drool and awe-inducing. To be fair, Kate is Latina-adjacent, as she highlights the importance of preserving her husband’s Mexican culture through food, calling her style “Latin cooking for a new generation of Americans. Those who are living global lives and who care as much about preserving ancestry as they do about creating a new way of life for themselves and their multicultural families.” Kate offers virtual cooking workshops to groups and privately/one-on-one. Who wouldn’t want to hire her to learn more about how to whip up the best margaritas?

Lisa Fabrega

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Can we talk honestly about pleasure? Adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, feeling burned out, pushing to get the results we want. These are all things I hear from leaders I work with. Sometimes a womxn books a VIP day because she thinks she wants to change her entire business model. But when we dig deeper we realize it’s not her business model. It’s that she has not given herself enough pleasure. Yes, I’m serious. We’re high achievers, we have BIG goals and visions. We want it all to happen now. We write our manifestation lists and bury them in the earth under the full moon. We don’t realize that the most potent manifestation source lies in our pleasure. Pleasure is associated with the 2nd chakra and the 2nd chakra is where our reproductive organs are located. Do you hear that? YOUR POWER OF CREATION IS IN THE SAME LOCATION AS YOUR PLEASURE CENTER. Orgasm leads to a baby (sometimes). Notice how open you feel, how ascended you feel after pleasure? Whether it be great, connected, satisfying sex with a lover, immersing ourselves in a 2 hour hike, connecting deeply in a conversation, or laying on a hammock listening to the waves crash on the shore. What does that tell you? Pleasure has creative power. Most womxn I work with, when I ask them “how’s your pleasure?” They look at me like I just asked them if they are from Pluto. Or they laugh. Because they have no pleasure practice. Listen, I forget to prioritize it too sometimes, but when I don’t, my God. My entire body softens. I am open. My face is relaxed. And I can RECEIVE my desires and abundance so much more easily. Tight, contracted, focused energy isn’t always the best way to manifest. I often manifest huge things by letting them go and going and doing some sort of pleasure practice. After trying to solve a problem today, I just said “fuck it” and went and lay on my hammock. Every cell in me softened and I am in trust. It’s SO much easier to build your legacy in this way. And it’s the opposite to what most high performance coaches will tell you. Luckily I’m a different kind of high performance coach. And that’s why Pleasure is one of my 7 levels of leadership in my Empress Framework. 💜

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Lisa Fabrega is certainly every woman’s dream mentor and sensei. A fierce advocate for women of color, Fabrega is also a master life coach changing the lives of today’s biggest and most brilliant women entrepreneurs. Most of her results come from teaching her clients how to develop and tap into their deeper, spiritual selves and manifesting their greatness. And for those who may not be able to afford to hire her as a personal coach, she offers mind-blowing retreats and even the most ass-kicking social media posts that never fail to motivate and inspire.

Andrea and Eliana Salazar

Their Colombian-owned gem, Seta Apparel, exploded in the boutique fashion scene in Miami when it first opened and now has firmly found its place in a crowded e-commerce industry. Seta is known for adding fantastical embellishments to common apparel—including boots, jean shorts, and denim jackets, and its owners suggest it is “more than a clothing brand; [it] is a style of life.” Their most popular pieces are reminiscent of Chanel, and yet, their price points are refreshingly attainable. The brand dominated Miami fashion week as the designer of choice for many top fashion bloggers and only continues to grow in clout from its humble roots in Miami.