5 Ways You Can Make Your Home into a Sanctuary

Happy casual beautiful woman working on a laptop sitting on the bed in the house.

They say that a disorganized home means a disorganized mind. After a hard day at work, it gives me great pleasure to come home to a place that is relatively clean and in order. It makes me transition from work mode to relax mode so much more smoothly, allowing me to fully rest before I get back into the grind the next morning. Since I freelance so much and am often working from my sanctuary, the pressure is even higher to make sure that I can work productively during the day and then easily switch to relax mode when the day is done. 

I have found that I am most productiveand suffer with the least amount of stresswhen I am living in a clean and organized home. It does not have to be tip-top perfect, but knowing that things have a place and are in their place keeps me focused on what really mattersworking hard and relaxing harder! Here are some of my tips for getting this done in life.

Hire someone to clean your home. There was a time when I thought hiring a cleaning person was a sign of laziness and weakness. Then I realized that having someone clean your home is a sign of being practical. Having someone coming in once in awhile to do a deep cleaning of your house can make all the difference in a hectic lifestyle. A clean home gives you a sense of peace and calm after you return from a long day out. Plus, by hiring a person to clean you are contributing to the local economy by supporting an individual or company in your community. Tip: When looking for a good cleaning company or person, ask if they have insurance to cover any accidents that may happen while cleaning your home. Also, if it’s a company, ask how much they pay their employees to make sure you are supporting fair wages.




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