5 Ways You Can Make Your Home into a Sanctuary

They say that a disorganized home means a disorganized mind

Photo: Unsplash/@sincerelymedia

Photo: Unsplash/@sincerelymedia

They say that a disorganized home means a disorganized mind. After a hard day at work, it gives me great pleasure to come home to a place that is relatively clean and in order. It makes me transition from work mode to relax mode so much more smoothly, allowing me to fully rest before I get back into the grind the next morning. Since I freelance so much and am often working from my sanctuary, the pressure is even higher to make sure that I can work productively during the day and then easily switch to relax mode when the day is done. 

I have found that I am most productiveand suffer with the least amount of stresswhen I am living in a clean and organized home. It does not have to be tip-top perfect, but knowing that things have a place and are in their place keeps me focused on what really mattersworking hard and relaxing harder! Here are some of my tips for getting this done in life.

Hire someone to clean your home. There was a time when I thought hiring a cleaning person was a sign of laziness and weakness. Then I realized that having someone clean your home is a sign of being practical. Having someone coming in once in awhile to do a deep cleaning of your house can make all the difference in a hectic lifestyle. A clean home gives you a sense of peace and calm after you return from a long day out. Plus, by hiring a person to clean you are contributing to the local economy by supporting an individual or company in your community. Tip: When looking for a good cleaning company or person, ask if they have insurance to cover any accidents that may happen while cleaning your home. Also, if it’s a company, ask how much they pay their employees to make sure you are supporting fair wages.


Less is more. 

The word “minimalist” is more than just a buzzword. There are many benefits associated with having less stuff. First and foremost, it’s environmentally friendlyowning fewer things means you’re consuming less. Second, when you have fewer things you need less space to store them, meaning your home has more open spaces to keep the items you really need. 


Add plants, shells, or something from nature.

 As a beach lover, I make sure my home is filled with shell accentsit keeps my mind in a sunny and warm place all year round. I recently put a plant by my living room window and now I feel like I live in a tropical bungalow.


De-stress with candles, sage, and essential oils. 

You should periodically cleanse your apartment, especially during times of transition and after having a lot of people over. It helps to reset the energy in your apartment and allows you to be critical of the new energy you want to invite in. Home cleansing rituals date back to ancient times and can be implemented in a number of ways. One of the most popular ways is with a sage stick, which you can purchase at Trader Joe’s or a local Botanica or wellness store. You may also want to use incense and essential oils for cleansing.



So the obvious antidote to needing more storage is to adopt the minimalist approach. However, in the event that you really just can’t part with these few extra boxes, opt to rent an extra storage unit. Less stuff in your apartment helps to keep the energy flowing freely. But I would recommend one day reconsidering which items in storage you can live without and finally say goodbye to.

Suerte! Hopefully these tips will make your home as much of a sanctuary as mine.

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