6 Ways Diane Guerrero Has Fought For The Latinx Community

diane guerrero HipLatina Make upThe success of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black catapulted Diane Guerrero into stardom. The platform she gained was the perfect launchpad for making the U.S. a better place for Latinxs. It encouraged her to take action and become an advocate for the immigrant community. Here are six ways she has been fighting for us all.

Guerrero’s success as an actress opens the door for other Latinxs in the entertainment industry.

Even while facing criticism for taking on roles like Maritza in OITNB, which some critics feel perpetuate Latinx stereotypes, she knows how to defend her choices. “People might ask: what do you think about Latinas being portrayed like this or people of color being portrayed like this?” she told Remezcla. “I go: it’s true, but this is just a side of us, just like it is a side of white folks or black folks. It is just a story being told.” Guerrero has made sure to take on roles that shed a light on other sides of the Latinx experience like Lina on Jane the Virgin, which focuses on a “normal” family, and Sofia, a socially conscious food truck owner, on Superior Donuts.

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