6 Ways to Dress Up Your Curly Hair for Formal Occasions

Every curly girl knows that figuring out how to style your natural texture for formal occasions like weddings and quinceañeras is always a challenge

Image Credit: Instagram @chelliscurls / Instagram @mrsalbaramos

Image Credit: Instagram @chelliscurls / Instagram @mrsalbaramos

Every curly girl knows that figuring out how to style your natural texture for formal occasions like weddings and quinceañeras is always a challenge. So many of us have spent years turning to the blow dryer, flat-iron or even chemical straighteners ahead of attending special events. But, chicas! No more. Our natural curls are literally everything, and we should never feel like we have to hide them or even tame them to go anywhere.

We promise, wearing your naturally curly hair to the next special occasion you’re invited to will get you all the right kinds of attention. We’re sharing our very favorite chic, sexy and absolutely stunning formal hairstyles for curly hair here, to help inspire you to unleash your curl power. And yes, you’ll be able to achieve these looks all on your own!

If you really want to turn heads, try coloring your hair with All About Curls Quenching Hair Color. The moisturizing formula was created especially for naturally curly hair. Some of our favorite shades are All About Curls 5N Caramel Curls and 5R Red-Y to Roll, both of which are perfect for fall and winter festivities.

Now, keep scrolling to check out some of our favorite formal hairstyles for curly hair.

Updo With Faux Bangs

This look is so easy to create, it’s almost hard to believe. You’ll need to start with hydrated, well-moisturized curls. We recommend using All About Curls Bouncy Cream for frizz-free definition. And if you do decide to color your hair, be sure to follow up with Curl Quench After-Color Conditioner. Then you’ll just need an elastic hair tie and a few pins to create this simple but sexy style.

Curly Bun-Hawk

This playful style lets you show off some personality, while still looking chic enough to wear to a formal event. In essence, it’s just three stacked curly buns, and you can either frame your face with a few tiny braids, or defined curls. Try using the All About Curls High Definition Gel to create a sleeker version or simply to define those face-framing strands.

Side-Swept Curls

You can’t get simpler than gorgeous side-swept curls when you want to dress your hair up just a bit. Start with a fresh wash-and-go, so that your hair curls are super-juicy. You can use the All About Curls Bouncy Cream after washing and conditioning, and then the gel to slick the side before you add decorative pins or a pretty barrette. You’ll look curly to the core, but without trying too hard.

Chunky Flat Twists

Flat twists have been a curly girl’s bestie since the late ‘90s and early ‘00s. At this point, it’s a classic style, but there are actually so many ways to switch it up, and update it even. We love these chunky flat twists because they look just a bit more sophisticated than the usual. And of course, fewer twists, means the style will be that much quicker and easier to achieve, especially if you have your All About Curls products on hand.

Curly Bubble Pony

You’ve probably seen a lot of straight-haired girls rock the bubble pony, and maybe even thought it wouldn’t work with your curly hair, but it totally does. A curly bubble pony is stylish enough for a dress-up affair, and you can customize the style by changing up the number of bubbles, how you frame your face, or even adding some fun hair accessories. 

Sleek Twisted Bun

Listen, the bun is a go-to look for Latinas and always will be. If you’d prefer to get your curls up and out of your face and off your neck, so you can dance the night away at your prima’s quince, a sleek twisted bun is the answer. Grab a brush, your All About Curls High Definition Gel and some pins, and you’ll be ready and looking like a 10 in no time. Don’t forget to lay those baby hairs!

With a few quality products and just a little bit of time, you can transform your curls into a beautiful and chic style that showcases your personality and style, to create a look that’s perfect for any occasion from a luxe night out on the town with the girls to a semi-formal or formal gala affair. Stay true to yourself. Stay curly to the core.

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