6 WOC In The Beauty Biz Who Fought For Representation

The beauty industry has treated women of color like second class citizens since it started. Luckily, women from this neglected community took it upon themselves to expose the beauty industry’s ignorance. They proved that focusing on Eurocentric standards of beauty and pretending like this demographic doesn’t exist was a huge mistake. From influencers to entrepreneurs, these are some of the game changers that fought to give those of us that felt unseen the representation and respect we deserve.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty makeup line shook up the game and made people who were STILL ignoring women of color in this industry wake up last year. The advertising campaign embraced diversity in every way and its inclusive 40 shades of foundation backed that message up. “That was very important to me,” Rihanna told InStyle. “I wanted everyone to feel included. We actually started with foundation because it’s the very first makeup product I fell in love with,” she added. Such a wide selection of shades is unheard of for a new brand. Catering to the deeper end of the spectrum while caring about undertones is even more groundbreaking. But Fenty Beauty proved that it was a winning strategy when the product flew off the shelves. 




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