7 Contemporary Puerto Rican Muralists You Should Know

Murals are an important form of art accessible to people who usually wouldn’t go to museums. Not only are they necessary, but they also dismantle the idea that art is exclusive. Latino artists have been breaking the barriers of exclusivity in art. Here are seven contemporary Puerto Rican muralists who are doing just that and doing it well

Alexis Diaz

Alex Diaz Muralist HipLatina

Alex Diaz

Painter and urban muralist Alexis Diaz began drawing since he was very young. He was always attracted to street art because it was a form of art that was accessible—it reached various types of people on a grander scale who normally wouldn’t see institutionalized art. Alexis started creating murals in 2010 alongside another Puerto Rican muralist and friend, Juan Fernandez, aka JUFE, who share similar stylesI’ll talk about JUFE later on. With not much variety of mural work in the Puerto Rican scene at the time, Alexis sought inspiration from artists like Keith Haring and began painting around Puerto Rico. He is now an international muralist painting everywhere from Mexico to Budapest. Follow him on Instagram.




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