7 Latina Digital Nomads You Need To Know About

Technology in the 21st century has allowed us to connect with people from all over the world

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Technology in the 21st century has allowed us to connect with people from all over the world. We can order anything from the tips of our fingers while staying up to date with world news 24/7. The things we can do with modern technology these days are endless.

Many people have taken this technology boom and have used it to create a new lifestyle which involves work and travel. A digital nomad is someone that needs two essential things to work, a laptop and a good wifi connection. Perhaps the digital nomad works for a company that allows them to work remotely or they are self-employed. Because a digital nomad has the ability to work from their laptop, it enables them to work from anywhere in the world. Most recently I have been connecting with Latinas who have made this type of lifestyle their own. It’s important to highlight that people of color are also in these spaces. We are rare but we are there. Check out these Latinas working and traveling all around the world!



Name: G. Isabelle

Socials: @DominicanAbroad @VivaCubaTravel

Occupation: Writer, blogger, photographer & founder of Dominican Abroad & Viva Cuba Travel

What motivates you to work and travel the world?

“My strong sense of curiosity since I was little, my love for traveling and exploring the world, my passion for advocacy and dedication to social causes (both domestically and internationally), my Bronx-Dominican multicultural perspective, and the sense of fulfillment I get from creating and being creative are the biggest motivators for me to work and travel the world.”




Name: Joy Valerie Carrera
Socials:  @PartTimeExploradora (tech & travel ) @BasicBrownNerds (Podcast )  @JoyValeriee (personal & BTS )
Occupation: CEO , Digital Strategist & Operations/Logistics Consultant

What advice do you have for Latinas wanting to become a digital nomad?

“Go into tech! That doesn’t mean you have to be a programmer (although its not as hard as it sounds) But tech is in everything today and only expanding giving us the flexibility to work from anywhere with just wifi. You can wait around to manifest your dreams and follow along with others who are making it a reality, or you can start making incremental changes and moves to shape the life you want for yourself.”



Name: Lola Méndez

Socials: @MissFilatelista on IG, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

Website:  www.missfilatelista.com

Occupation: Travel and Lifestyle Writer

What motivates you to work and travel the world?

“I feel so fortunate to have been able to create a career for myself as a travel writer. My favorite stories to tell are those that elevate local voices and share unique bits of culture with the world. Around the globe, there are so many cultures that are fading away with time as the local community doesn’t have the resources to preserve their sacred history. For instance, my father’s family comes from the Charrúa tribe. Although his mother was raised by a Charrúa parent we know nothing about the culture, traditions, history, etc. It’s such a shame. I take this responsibility very seriously and am diligent about avoiding inputting my own ideas or conceptions about a place.

What keeps me motivated to keep exploring is quite simple. There’s so much out there that I don’t know about. There are so many incredible stories to uncover that the world deserves to know. The unknown is what encouraged me to begin my life as a digital nomad over three years ago and is what continues to propel me forward today.”



Name: Vianessa Castanos

Socials: @VianessaC @Hustle_Juice

Occupation: Freelance Writer & Producer

What advice do you have for Latinas wanting to become a digital nomad?

“I think the biggest  thing to keep in mind for anyone who wants to start their own digital nomad journey is this: there is no one way to be a nomad! Some nomads are freelancers, some are business owners, others are full-time employees that work remotely—there is literally no one-size-fits-all approach to digital nomadism and there is no right or wrong way to do it. Definitely read blogs and articles and study up on the lifestyle, but make sure that whatever decisions you make—from how long to stay at a location to which cities you do or don’t want to visit are with your own interests, preferences and limitations in mind. Just because someone quit their job and is backpacking around the globe with a laptop doesn’t mean that that’s the type of nomad you have to be! Being a digital nomad is about having freedom, so feel free to play by your own rules.”



Name: Jen Morilla

Socials: IG: @thesocialgirltraveler  YouTube: @TheSocialGirlTraveler

Occupation: Impact Travel Blogger, Entrepreneur

Why did you aspire to become a digital nomad?

“I wanted to change the world. As a travel blogger who carries clean water-filters to third world countries to create impact. I wanted to do something different. Give back. Play my part. I had a background in marketing and social media, so I knew I could use those skills anywhere in the world to help me sustain myself while traveled. So I did.”




Name: Manuela Alejandra Cea-Poblete

Socials: @minimapuche

Occupation: Not-for-Profit Fairy

What motivates you to work and travel the world?

“Personally—freedom, curiosity, adventure, being pushed out of my comfort zone and sunshine. Professionally—learning how things are done in different places, how culture affects the world of work, being able to work on a schedule that works with my brain and productivity. The journey to being a digital nomad has made me take steps I didn’t know I would take and I don’t think I could have jumped all in one go.”



Name: Valeria Hinojosa

Socials: @waterthruskin

Occupation: Conscious Influencer & Entrepreneur

Why did you aspire to become a digital nomad?

“I used to be a Private Banker doing the 9-5 and chasing a dream other than my own. It was in that greedy and monotonous world that I realized I had slowly given up on my life and disconnected from my essence completely. At that precise moment I started WaterThruSkin, a blog focused on a lifestyle with a conscience, in the hopes of connecting with like minded human beings and inspiring readers to become more mindful. It’s been three years since I left the banking industry and have been dedicating fully to traveling the world promoting a conscious lifestyle. It’s the best decision I ever made.”

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