7 Latina Digital Nomads You Need To Know About

Latina digital nomads HipLatina


Technology in the 21st century has allowed us to connect with people from all over the world. We can order anything from the tips of our fingers while staying up to date with world news 24/7. The things we can do with modern technology these days are endless.

Many people have taken this technology boom and have used it to create a new lifestyle which involves work and travel. A digital nomad is someone that needs two essential things to work, a laptop and a good wifi connection. Perhaps the digital nomad works for a company that allows them to work remotely or they are self-employed. Because a digital nomad has the ability to work from their laptop, it enables them to work from anywhere in the world. Most recently I have been connecting with Latinas who have made this type of lifestyle their own. It’s important to highlight that people of color are also in these spaces. We are rare but we are there. Check out these Latinas working and traveling all around the world!




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