7 Reasons To Cultivate A Reading Habit

A few weekends ago I stopped by a book sale while beach vacationing with my friends. I wasn’t as excited by the varied offerings as my friends were, and found myself joking about how enthralling the tween romance novels with brightly colored pink and green covers seemed. Despite my distracted mood, at the checkout I was disappointed that I was only picking up one title while my friends had stacks of books. Americans spend, on average, just 19 minutes a day reading—and I realized that I was part of that trend. Maybe it was time for me to start flipping pages rather than swiping right and refreshing the newsfeed. Here are seven reasons why you should start Reading more.

Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Just like your body, your mind requires frequent exercise to stay strong and agile. Reading is an excellent brain workout, particularly if you like to challenge yourself with complex material. Keeping track of information, subplots, and characters engages your focus and muscle memory, which strengthens your ability to mentally multitask and keeps you sharp. There’s also evidence that reading can prevent cognitive decline, including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.




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