7 Ways Technology Has Ruined Love and Relationships

Love is timeless, but it is also majorly affected by the times we live in

Photo: Unsplash/@markuswinkler

Photo: Unsplash/@markuswinkler

It’s Not Natural

It Commodifies Love


When online dating, the plethora of options can make you feel like you’re ordering a boyfriend from a catalog. Sometimes, when so many options seem available, the whole dating process is taken for granted, and not taken seriously. Online dating might make it easier to find and meet people, but it’s not a guarantee you’ll actually find love.

It Kills the Mystery

How many times have you heard about people Facebook stalking their potential first dates? Or looking up crushes, exes, and potential singles in their area? While it’s good to make sure the guy or girl is not a serial killer, doing too much online sleuthing kills the mystery of getting to know someone organically, and revealing things in due time. Same thing goes for knowing the happenings of your partner’s entire day before they tell you.

It Promotes Laziness in the Relationship


It’s easier to text than make a phone call. People have ran with this fact, and have given up on talking on the phone (so much so that it is increasingly being seen as weird). Talking, sharing emotion, replacing quality time, arguing, breaking up, and all other sorts of relationship moments are now done via text, and at the convenience of the texters.

It Causes Misunderstandings


Why haven’t they texted? Why did he or she use those words? Emoji vs lack of an emoji. What was the emotion behind that sentence? Or the classic autocorrect fail. So many misunderstandings have stemmed from texting someone versus having a human, face to face, or phone conversation.

It’s a Distraction from Real Life Moments

Why do couples go to dinner, and sit there, across from each other, while staring at their phones? Or take so many photos that they’re not actually living in the moment? We are so addicted to our phones and technology that it has taken precedence over our relationships.

It Causes Pressure to Share Your Entire Relationship with the World


Don’t like to share details of your relationship? Seen as bad. Oh, you’re not Facebook official? The relationship doesn’t count. Social media has conditioned us to share virtually every aspect of our lives, to the point that an excessive number of photos, venting about fights, oversharing, and TMI is the norm. Guess what suffers as a result? Your relationships.

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