7 Works of Art by Major Latinx Artists You Should Know

Works by Major Latinx Artists HipLatina


You may know about Vincent van Gogh, Monet, and Andy Warhol. A lot of these artists we learned about in school are household names. But do you know about some of the most important Latinx artists to ever create?  The trailblazers, those influencing scores of others, breaking records, and starting movements? These creatives are an important part of our culture, history, present, and future.

Chances are, you do know the following artists, and their work. But we wanted to celebrate them  and talk a bit about a piece of work each is known for. Because Latinx art should be taught in schools, celebrated on the same level as that of Europeans (or anyone else), and learned about. Articles like these help make that happen, for all things Latinx to be part of the mainstream.




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