8 Celebs Speaking Out on the Crisis in Venezuela

You might not be hearing much about the turbulent humanitarian crisis happening in Venezuela—at the southern edge of the Caribbean. It’s surprising to think that this is a lot closer to home than we think.

In light of the deaths in Venezuela leading up to the country’s tightly controlled elections this past weekend, we think it’s important for you to hear exactly what’s happening on the ground. While the English media on the subject is scarce, these celebs are making it their mission to get the word out about this humanitarian crisis.

Mariana Vega HipLatina

Photo Credit Globovision

Mariana Vega

Winner of the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist in 2014, we had the privilege of chatting with Mariana Vega about her next ventures and new songs last fall. We spoke briefly about her early childhood in Venezuela, but it wasn’t until she published this very personal essay with Billboard where she truly speaks out on the subject.

“My family and I left Venezuela the year Chavez took office. I have seen the country’s struggles from far away, so I’m not writing these words claiming to be any kind of expert. I’m just expressing my opinion as a Venezuelan that had to leave and hasn’t been able to come back home because there is no home to come back to. My country is not the same one I left.”

She focuses on what it was like to spend so much of her childhood outside of Venezuela, her hopes for the future, and the key role that musicians and artists can play in the crisis.




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