9 Arroz Con Leche Recipes That Are Delicious AF

National Rice Pudding Day is August 9

Photo: Unsplash/@karaeads

Photo: Unsplash/@karaeads

National Rice Pudding Day is August 9. Since we know arroz con leche makes the world a better place, we want to celebrate by sharing 9 of our favorite rice pudding recipes. How sweet it is.

We first shared this recipe for National Hispanic Heritage Month. This version includes the addition of orange juice, maple syrup, cranberries, and toasted walnuts. Yum!

Classic Arroz Con Leche

Taste of Home has an easy to make recipe for arroz con leche. It features the raisins and cinnamon stick that are often in the old school versions of Latino rice pudding.

Mexican Chocolate Arroz Con Leche

For those who want to change up the arroz con leche game and try something a little new and different, you can try the Mexican chocolate arroz con leche. The recipe, from la cocina de leslie, features the OG Abuelita (or Ibarra) hot chocolate, so you know it’s legit.

Arroz Con Leche For Beginners

This super easy recipe by ISABEL EATS has only four main ingredients in it! This is perfect for those making arroz con leche for the first time, or those who want a quick-to-make, simpler version.

Pumpkin Spice Arroz Con Leche

Before you know it, it will be fall, and with it comes pumpkin spice everything. Check out this delish recipe from la cocina de leslie, that we featured last autumn.

Dominican Arroz Con Leche

The Dominican version of arroz con leche is known for featuring more spices than other Latino versions. Simple, by Clara’s recipe includes cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg. Another ingredient sure to add a good dose of flavor is butter. Sabroso!

Arroz Con Leche For Dairy-Free Eaters

For those who can’t eat dairy—or don’t want too—we have the arroz con leche recipe for you. This version, by let’s regale, includes cashew milk (or coconut milk), sea salt, orange peel, stevia, and bay leaf, for a healthier, more modern take on the dish.

Arroz Con Leche With Avocado

Another healthy, very different version of arroz con leche is June d’Arville’s avocado rice pudding. In addition to avocado, the recipe has includes pistachio nuts and mint.

Arroz Con Leche With Mango

The great thing is that once you learn how to make arroz con leche, you can change up the ingredients, omit some, and add others, according to your own taste and preferences. Are you a vegan? This delish recipe from Growing Up Bilingual includes fresh mango, shredded coconut, and honey for a summery take on the classic.

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