9 Oldies The Chola in You will LOVE

Whether you were listening to Sunday Night Oldies in the Bay Area or L

Photo: Unsplash/@thevoncomplex

Photo: Unsplash/@thevoncomplex

Whether you were listening to Sunday Night Oldies in the Bay Area or L.A., or playing Art Laboe’s Dedicated to You, East Side Story, and/or Lowrider Oldies tapes and CDs, oldies were a part of life. They were the songs you sang along with when you felt in love and cried to when you broke up.

These are also the songs you still listen to today. The songs that bring back a thousand memories, and that you make a thousand memories more to. Check out this hella cool oldies playlist that will have you movin’ and groovin’ (especially on a Sunday afternoon).



Bloodstone, “Natural High”

“Natural High” is the perfect crush song. It talks about how you can have feelings for someone you don’t know well, and the natural high you get just thinking about them. Sigh.


Tierra, “Together”

Another great oldies song is “Together,” by Latino band Tierra. It spoke about love, and how being with the one you love, is enough to make you happy.


James & Bobby Purify, “I’m Your Puppet”

Love is blind, and can make our thinking fuzzy. “I’m Your Puppet” is a great soundtrack to this fact. Just remember, you’re not anyone’s puppet!


Sunny & the Sunglows/Sunny & the Sunliners, “Smile Now, Cry Later”

There’s nothing worse than trying to act happy when you’re heartbroken. “Smile Now, Cry Later,” an oldies classic, is about the facade we all have had to put on in front of our friends.


Brenton Wood, “Me and You”

It’s hard not to hear (or even read) the words “me and you” without wanting to sing the song—high notes and all. The Brenton Wood (an oldies icon) jam was all about a loving couple and their goals.


James Brown, “Try Me’


Sure, we know James Brown for his high-octane songs and performances, but when he got sentimental, it was profound. “Try Me” is a classic, perfectly capturing that vulnerable feeling one gets when you just want to be loved by someone.


Barbara Lynn, “You’ll Lose a Good Thing”

“You’ll Lose a Good Thing” is an empowering oldie. Barbara Lynn gave us the perfect song to dedicate to someone who wasn’t acting right.


Heatwave, “Always and Forever”


“Always and Forever” is an oldie but goodie, that makes for a perfect wedding song. It’s a song, of love and dedication, that has stood the test of time (just like true love itself!).


Malo, “Suavecito”

San Francisco Chicano band Malo created “Suavecito,” which is regarded as the Chicano national anthem. It’s a perfect song for cruising in your equally-old school ride.

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