7 Afro-Latina Musicians You Need to Know Now

One of the reasons why the movements for body positivity, natural hair, and diversity are so important is because people – women especially – need to see images that represent their multifaceted identities. Fresh off the Grammys, it’s clear that representation for ALL women in the music is sadly lacking, and this is a big deal considering the impact and influence of the industry.

Afro-Latinas (Latinas of African descent) especially are incredibly underrepresented when it comes to mainstream media. Sure, we got old school Afro-Latina artists like Celia Cruz that we all grew up listening to but what about the modern stuff? What better time than now to highlight and honor some of the best Afro-Latino music artists in the biz right now? Here’s a look at a few Afro-Latina singers and artists to add to your playlist!


This insanely talented French, Venezuelan, and Afro-Cuban musical duo consists of 22-year-old twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz.Their worldly music is filled with the sounds of piano, percussion, hip-hop beats and minimal electronics and the lyrics are sung in English, Spanish, a little bit of French, and Yoruba, the language spoken by the West Africans who were brought as slaves to Cuba. The language along with deeply spiritual aspects of the music pays homage to the twin’s Afro-Cuban roots. They were born in Paris and spent a lot of time in Cuba over the years, where their well-known Cuban musician and percussionist father Angá Díaz was from. The girls hit mainstream stardom when they made an appearance in Beyonce’s Lemonade special which debuted on HBO in April 2016. Clearly, Bey is a fan of there’s because the year before that she had the twin’s song “River” playing in the background of a Vogue video she made in conjunction with her September issue cover. Listen to “River” from their eponymous first album and “Me Voy” from their 2017 album Ash.




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