9 Pointers & Products to Help You Live Your Best Curly Life

Presented by ULTA Beautyhappy curly hair womanThe natural hair movement has come a very long way. Years ago it was practically impossible to snag good (sulfate and paraben-free) curl products that actually worked. These days new natural hair brands are continually popping up, with mainstream brands jumping on board with their own curly hair products. It’s as if all our curl dreams FINALLY came true. Finding a great defining curl cream or a deep conditioning treatment that transforms curly locks is really NBD anymore.

But I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes all the options can get overwhelming. The truth is, you just need to know the basics of good curly hair care and discover effective products that work for you. Here I’ll share the 411 on how to care for your natural hair and share the must-have hair products that will give you your healthiest curls yet!




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