26 Latina Celeb Beauty and Style Photos from the ‘90s for Inspiration

The 1990s have taken over the latest fashion trends, inviting us to revisit some of our favorite styles and looks, or try them out for the first time

Photo: Unsplash/@sharonmccutcheon

Photo: Unsplash/@sharonmccutcheon

The 1990s have taken over the latest fashion trends, inviting us to revisit some of our favorite styles and looks, or try them out for the first time. Magazines, runways, and the streets have been packed with throwback denim, matte makeup, body-con pieces, and the like.

As with all other fashionable decades, Latinxs were there, looking fly and setting their own trends. As a result, we wanted to share twenty-six photos of Latina celebs from the ’90s whose look you’ll definitely want to recreate today.


Christy Turlington’s Neutral, Matte Makeup


The ’90s were all about flawless matte makeup in browns, burgundies, and other neutrals. And  Salvadorean supermodel Christy Turlington displays one of the best ways to rock this look. In this ad for Versace, you see her sporting warm brown matte eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick, which are striking even though they’re light in color.


Shakira’s Casual Vibes

Many people want Shakira to go back to her black-haired, more rocker aesthetic, and we can totally see why. Her ’90s look was effortless yet edgy, with black eyeliner, lots of denim, and relaxed button-up shirts.


Rosie Perez and Ladybug Mecca’s ’90s Vests

This throwback photo features not one, but two dope Latinas. Nuyorican Rosie Perez and Brazilian Ladybug Mecca showed how ’90s fashion was done, donning the back-in-style-for-2020 vest. Rosie accessorized with a ’90s choker, Ladybug Mecca had on the popular oversized jean jacket, and both had flawless 1990s hairstyles.


Selena’s Flawless Glam Makeup


Anything that Selena wore during the ’90s has become a hardcore trend, as well as a forever aesthetic today. One of the most copied things about Selena’s style is her epic makeup. You can get the look with penciled-in brows, a swoop of black liquid liner, a touch of brown eyeshadow in the crease, and a classic red lip.


Thalia’s 90’s Jeans

You couldn’t have 1990s Latinx pop culture without Thalia. The Mexicana was on all our television screens in her Maria novelas, was dropping music, and standing out as an icon. Part of her stardom during that decade was due to her style. That blonde streak of hair in the front, the over-the-top outfits, the ’90s vibes. But she anchored a lot of these pop star looks with the ’90s, high-waisted, light denim jeans.


Salma Hayek’s Sleek, Dip-Dye Lob

Bob and lobs are the timeless haircuts that also define decades. The 1990s saw a ton of imitable versions, like Salma Hayek’s sleek cut. It is sharp, glossy, and looks so next level with it’s black/brown dip-dye effect.


Mariah Carey’s Curls, Bodysuit, and ’90s Jeans

If you want to nail classic ’90s style, take a page out of Afro-Venezuelan Mariah Carey’s stylebook. From the natural curls, to the black bodysuit, to the belted jeans, and gold statement drop earrings, the entire look is throwback perfection.


Jennifer Lopez’s ’90s Sunglasses and Matching Dress


Today, we are always looking at, and taking inspiration from Jennifer Lopez’s many fashionable #OOTDs. But it’s definitely worth it to get some inspo from her 1990s ensembles. This fierce monochromatic red look is from J-Lo’s 1997 film, U-Turn, and is just begging to be recreated. Go for racy red or try any other hue!


Brandi Quinones’ Puff Sleeves and Crop Top

Crop tops and puff sleeves are two trends that you will be seeing this year. But all you have to do is look to the 90s to see it done flawlessly. Afro-Cuban-Puerto Rican supermodel Brandi Quinones wears the look on the Spring/Summer 1996 Yves Saint Laurent runway.


Cameron Diaz’s Black Spaghetti Strap Dress and Lace-Up Boots


Part of what made the ’90s such a desirable decade to emulate fashion-wise was its sleek simplicity and minimalism. Just look at this ’90s photo of Cameron Diaz. She looks great in a classic black spaghetti strap dress, and toughens up the look with edgy, yet equally timeless lace-up boots.


Helena Christensen’s Monochromatic Look


Monochromatic looks, where one color is worn head to toe, can make a person look longer and leaner, and really delivers a big dose of whatever color they are wearing. It also looks super thought out and stylish, just like these 1992 Claude Montana garments from the Spring Ready to Wear show. Front and center is Peruvian supermodel Helena Christensen, dazzling in all pink.


Selena’s Mesh Top…and Entire Look

There are so many photos of Selena from the ’90s you can reference for amazing hair, makeup, and style ideas. In this throwback performance video, we have pointed out her mesh top, which is on-trend right now (mesh was on the runways for 2020), but the whole look is ’90s gold. From the half ponytail to the makeup, to the moto jacket and sleek black pants, it’s all a winning look.


Salma Hayek in a Crop Top, Jeans, and ’90s Accessories

Needless to say, crop tops were definitely a thing in the ’90s. Salma Hayek wears a striking red one in the form of a tube top in this vintage photo, which she wears with high-waist jeans, nude wedges, sunnies, a matching red bag and hair accessories.


Jennifer Lopez’s Silver Versace Party Dress

Before she wore that iconic green jungle print, J.Lo was sparkling (alongside Donatella) in silver Versace for a party in 1999. The dress is shiny, short, and flirty, without showing too much, perfect for carefree dancing and staying sophisticated.


Christy Turlington’s Classic Glam at the Met Gala

The Met Gala is the most important night on the fashion calendar, and it’s fun to look at old looks and see what the stars were wearing. You’ll definitely gather some inspiration from supermodel Christy Turlington’s chic look. A classic black dress is glammed up with tons of pearls and a swirly updo for a subdued yet fashionable outfit.


Thalia’s Money Piece Highlights

One of the latest trends in hair color is the return of the money piece highlight. These are highlights that are lighter in front, which frame and brighten the face. They may be in now, but Thalia was rocking the look back in the ’90s.


Brandi Quinones Sweater Dress

The classic, minimal silhouettes of the 1990s allowed the body to wow, without any interruption from too much fabric, and unnecessary design distractions. Just take supermodel Brandi Quinones in this ribbed knit maxi dress, for example. Simply stunning, and topped with a boho fringed blanket-style coat for a more earthy feel.


Helena Christensen’s Ethereal Makeup


’90s makeup wasn’t always about brown and burgundy lips, bold eyeliner, and a lot of eyeshadow. And it wasn’t always completely matte. In this ’90s behind-the-scenes photo of supermodel Helena Christensen, the makeup is more pastel, glowy, and most likely of a shimmer finish. The effect is youthful and ethereal, and perfect for recreating.


Selena’s Half Ponytail

The half ponytail was a chola/Chicana/Latina hairstyle of choice in the ’90s, sleek where it needed to be, and overflowing on top like a waterfall of waves and curls. And no one rocked a half ponytail better than Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Just look at how perfect it is! Voluminous, with perfect curls and great height.


Salma Hayek’s ’90s Makeup and High Pony


If you want to find sleek, sexy ’90s looks that you can copy today and still look fly, then research what Salma Hayek was wearing. We are loving her striking high pony with braid detail, and her makeup is a perfect example of how ’90s burgundy lipstick could look vampy and borderline-goth with the simple addition of a smoky eye.


Talisa Soto’s Sleek ’90s Look

Photo: Fashion Gone Rogue/Tumblr/Pinterest

This ’90s magazine look featuring Nuyorican model Talisa Soto looks like it could have been photographed just yesterday. You have the matte brown lip, the body-con outfit, the oversized black sunglasses, and a classic trench to top it all off. On-trend, yet always classic.


Jennifer Lopez’s Two-Piece Matching Set

Matching sets were a ’90s trend that are back, and we’re happy about it! Not only are they stylish, but they take the guesswork out of what outfit to wear. This one, worn by Jennifer Lopez strikes the perfect balance between cute and sexy.


Rosie Perez’s Curls, Red Lips, and Hoops

Photo: the bad dominicana/Tumblr/Pinterest

In this 1990s flashback photo, Nuyorican Rosie Perez personifies three of the major looks to come out of the decade. One is embracing your full, bouncy curls, the second is bold red lips, and the third is big-hoop earrings. Brown eyeshadow in the crease and eyeliner are bonuses!


Helena Christensen’s Short Suit

Photo: WISHI/Pinterest

A major trend for 2020 is the short suit. Although rocked this time with a Bermuda-length short, short shorts are also going to be in style for the upcoming Spring/Summer seasons. So this ’90s look, featuring Helena Christensen on the Michael Kors runway, is perfect for fashion inspiration. The hair and makeup are awesome to recreate as well.


Helena Christensen and Christy Turlington’s Striking Makeup

This vintage photo of Helena Christensen and Christy Turlington, with Anna Koch, is a perfect example of how ’90s makeup would go edgier. The focus here is on both the eyes and lips, for a striking effect.


Salma Hayek in Natural Curls and a Tied White Button-Up

Button-up shirts (often tied up in a knot at the front to create a crop top), natural waves, and curls were majorly rocked in the 1990s. Salma Hayek looks so effortlessly stylish and sexy in this look. It would be perfect, along with some jeans or shorts for the summer.

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