A Beginners Insight To Learning Tarot

How To Read Tarot Cards HipLatinaMost people see tarot as this sort of magical deck of cards with these otherworldly abilities. Well, yes, they are magical and they do have special abilities! But, they’re magical in the same sense that we can literally create life from a few seemingly simple ingredients. They have special abilities in the same way a plant can regenerate itself season after season. Magic exists and can be quite easy to perceive when you behold the world in all its glory. Just because something is common, doesn’t mean it isn’t extraordinary.

On that note, forget everything you know about tarot! Throw it all to the wind! Every misconception, notion, biased fear, all the things your mother told you—let it go. Open yourself up to the possibility that these cards are not inherently “evil” or inherently “good” they just are. The tarot deck is simply a tool that exists to aid you in receiving, interpreting and relaying information, or messages, from the universe. Or, some people prefer the term, God. Before each reading, I like to ask for only those with unconditional love for (the querent) to help guide me. Others call to angels or loved ones. It is all very personal and depends on what resonates with you most.

I would like to first acknowledge that it is impossible to give you a complete education on tarot in one simple essay, but in this article I will give you a little more insight to what tarot is, how it works and how to begin learning tarot, if you feel called to do so.




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