A Pandemic Soundtrack: 15 Coronavirus Songs to Rock Out To

Music has always reflected the times in which is it made, and this is no different during the coronavirus pandemic


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Music has always reflected the times in which is it made, and this is no different during the coronavirus pandemic. Many have created songs to make us laugh during this trying time, others have penned lyrics to inform us and help keep us safe, and all appear to have the common thread of offering a sense of community, letting us know that we are all in this together.

With so many coronavirus songs coming out, we wanted to compile a list of 15 popular ones that you will want to check out.


“Thank U Frontline,” Chris Mann (Alanis Morissette)

Chris Mann has made several coronavirus parodies, to the melodies of “My Sharona” (“My Corona”), “Hello” [“Hello (From the Inside)”], and “Stay Home Vogue” (“Vogue”). But, we wanted to share probably the most important COVID-19 song Chris Mann has made. “Thank U Frontline,” sung to the music of Alanis Morissette’s “Thank U,” takes the time to give thanks to those risking their lives to keep us safe.


Gloria Estefan, “Put on Your Mask”


Gloria Estefan’s “Get On Your Feet” was a jam in and of itself. But, the Cuban superstar reworked the classic to inspire everyone to “put on your mask!” It’s catchy, gets stuck in your head, and makes you want to put that protective mask on. In addition to the song, in the video, Estefan talks (in both English and Spanish) about coronavirus safety.


DJ SNAKE x CARDI B REMIX “Coronavirus”

When Cardi B took to social media to talk about coronavirus, some musicians heard her words and knew a beat had to be dropped with them. DJ Snake was one such musician, making a remix that we can all get down to during this troubling time. Because music heals us, mind, body, and soul.


Adam Sandler’s Quarantine Song

Adam Sandler has a funny song for everything, and that includes coronavirus. On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the comedian and actor debuted his jam about COVID-19, singing about all the rad things doctors and nurses do for us, joking that he is sick of his family and shouldn’t be teaching his kids math, and encouraging everyone to do their part to get rid of this virus.


MARK O’DEA, “In Quarantine – Under The Sea Parody (Songs about Coronavirus)”

We are here for catchy, nostalgic Disney songs we know and love being remade into funny coronavirus tracks that will help get us through all of our pandemic-related emotions. Mark O’Dea heeded the call to rework classic Disney songs when he did his “Under the Sea” parody, entitled “In Quarantine.” In it, Sebastian the crab checks Ariel when she wants to go out because of boredom.


Mister Cumbia, “La Cumbia Del Coronavirus”

Latinxs are great at making the masses move their feet, even when the mood isn’t a party one. Mister Cumbia scored a coronavirus hit when he put his words about the virus to cumbia music. Because it’s way more fun to dance to an infectious beat than dwell too long thinking negatively about an infectious virus.


iMarkkeyz, “Coronavirus (Feat. Cardi B)”

There’s just a certain way in which Cardi B says words that make for viral moments. When she talked about coronavirus, it led to the creation of super popular virus songs. iMarkkeyz was the first to use Cardi B saying “coronavirus” and “sh*t is real” against a beat; the result was a spot on the Billboard charts.


Ariel de Cuba “Quédate en casa”

Ariel de Cuba also used music to share information about the coronavirus with a fun and happy beat. His “Quedate en Casa” is meant to encourage the masses to safely stay at home, with the added bonus of the merengue meets urban sound.


“#SING4LIFE,” Featuring Bono, will.i.am, Jennifer Hudson and Yoshiki

“#SING4LIFE” brings together Bono, will.i.am, Jennifer Hudson, and Yoshiki for a remix of Bono’s song that, according to will.i.am was “created to bring JOY.” Because “in times like these, creative people must continue to collaborate…” It reminds everyone that although we are physically distant, we can still sing to stay connected. This message is postitive and beautiful and so needed right now.


Yofrangel, “CORONA VIRUS”

Next on our list of coronavirus songs to jam to is Yofrangel’s “CORONA VIRUS.” The dembow song by the Afro-Dominican artist is the perfect soundtrack for some high-intensity dancing/exercising. After you listen to “CORONA VIRUS,” be sure to check out Yofrangel’s “CORONA VIRUS 2 #LaCuarentena.


Enfermeras cantando “Muere bacteria muere”


Nurses are one of the major heroes of coronavirus. They are risking their lives to keep us all safe, and we absolutely appreciate them for that. In spite of aiding the world, many nurses have also decompressed by sharing cool videos featuring music and stay-healthy tips. This video features nurses from Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de Oaxaca (HRAEO), showing medical personnel–and us as well–how to properly wash hands.



Gmac Cash’s “Coronavirus” is another COVID-19 song that will keep you moving in the living room. The hilarious jam literally reps for us whenever we hear or see someone cough:

“Move b*tch U got coronavirus.

Ooo sh*t u got coronavirus.

We ain’t finna do sh*t,

with this coronavirus

I ain’t finna take trip,

with this coronavirus…

I done bought me a mask,

and a lot gloves,

and I still feel like that’s not enough.

I ain’t shaking no hands,

I don’t wanna hug.

Make sure you wash yo hands with a lot of love.”



Afro-Dominican artist Kaseeno adds his own spin to the variety of COVID-19 songs with his jam, “CORONAVIRUS.” It’s catchy, great to dance to, and will have you saying “Coronavirus-virus nonstop. Another track Kaseeno created that’s inspired by the pandemic is his collaboration with Mister Cumbia called “PANDEMIA.”


Neil Diamond, “Hands.. washing hands”

Ok, you may know the words to Neil Diamond’s classic, “Sweet Caroline,” but do you know the words to his coronavirus awareness-centered remake? It threw in the lyrical gem “hands, washing hands, don’t touch me, I won’t touch you.”


Luxenburg Sharon, “Beauty and the Beast – The Corona Version”

Another parody of classic Disney songs you have to check out is “Beauty and the Beast – The Coronavirus Version,” created by Luxenburg Sharon and sung by Miri Zhavi. The funny song reimagines the song “Belle” in a world with coronavirus, where everyone is encouraged to stay at home.

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