A Tlazolteotl Ritual For Scorpio’s New Moon Goddess

Like the luna, we all inhabit a shadow side

Art by Esoteric Esa

Art by Esoteric Esa

Like the luna, we all inhabit a shadow side. The shadow self is a place where vulnerability resides from within your subconscious mind, which isn’t usually expressed consciously – unless triggered. The masquerade will come to a halt come this Scorpio new moon on Oct. 27th as you’re presented with decisions that result in the removal of any masks you could be wearing.

New moons are a time of inspiration. These lunar chapters are capable of paving way for new directions in life in order to achieve your greatest desires. Expect this new moon in the fixed water sign of Scorpio to manifest a long exhale of empowerment or subordination. How will you start this new beginning in your life as you scry into the murky waters of your suppressed emotions? Your truest wants and needs will be released like an overdue burden. It’ll be a time of intimacy within yourself. Not in a sexual manner, however, that could be a healthy means of productivity transmuting this dense energy exalted by Mars and Pluto thanks to this new moon.

Embrace this internal dialogue as a form of metamorphosis. After all, Scorpio is the archetype of empowerment, transformation and seeing situations from a higher perspective. How can you apply these archetypes to your personal journey?

Anticipate an induced purification that stems from what the moon has illuminated for you at this time. You can find yourself wanting to erase any false ego you’ve been projecting onto your life as it relates to family, friendships, partnerships and work. As a result, you might feel an intense urge to act on these revelations. Think things through during this time. Pluto’s power struggles can create this tendency for you to act on impulse.

Trusting your instincts as you navigate this new moon will be required, but that doesn’t mean succumbing to your fears. Instead, step into bravery and break free of unconscious behaviors that are limiting you.

According to Tupac Shakur, “to every dark night, there’s a brighter day.” Those are the exact results you can attain when observing the destruction of what aspects of yourself need to be modified so that you can share who you are in a more authentic way with the world.

Like Scorpio, Toltec Goddess Tlazolteotl represents death, fertility, purification, taking things from a distorted state to a higher level of restoration, along with sexual desires and all things taboo. She’s a Toltec deity associated with the moon who can assist with the complexities of yourself that are deemed sinful or unwanted. Sometimes there’s this illusion created by the shadow self that can produce a deeply imprinted notion that what wallows in the dark is always negative. That’s not necessarily the case when working with Scorpio’s energy. Think of the lotus flower. The lotus is a flower that roots itself in mud and blossoms from the dirt. In fact, Tlazolteotl is associated with dirt because she represents our characteristics that are deemed filthy. What we fail to realize at times, is that our filth is needed in order to plant solid roots so that we can live in full bloom.

I’ve curated a Tlazolteotl new moon ritual that you can utilize in order to connect with her. She’s an intense energy but shouldn’t be feared. She will help you do the dirty work that’s needed come this Scorpio new moon – if you’re serious about your soul’s evolution. When working with deities always be sure to express your gratitude for their energetic guidance. This ritual will encourage you to plant new intentions and peel back layers that are limiting you from living your best life.

Tlazolteotl New Moon Ritual:

  1. Be sure to perform this ritual between Oct. 27 – Oct. 29.
  2. Utilize a white candle to connect with the moon’s energy.
  3. Create an offering for your altar dedicated to Tlazolteotl.
  4. Flowers such as Chrysanthemums or a simple pile of soil.
  5. Tlazolteotl appreciates offerings of corn, red or black crystals, rattles, and/or the flower of life symbol.
  6. She’s also the Goddess of sex and steam baths. Creating your own vaginal steam bath or getting one done is an extra step of connecting with her energy and your inner sexual power. Be sure to consult your physician before doing so.
  7. Pen and paper to write your petition to Tlazolteotl detailing your new moon intentions that you’d like her guidance for.
  8. Keep offerings and paper petition on your altar or sacred space until next full moon Nov. 11.

May you keep your vibes high this new moon.

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