Fans Shocked After A.B. Quintanilla Is Arrested

Selena Quintanilla‘s brother, A

Photo: Instagram/abquintanilla3

Photo: Instagram/abquintanilla3

Selena Quintanilla‘s brother, A.B. Quintanilla was arrested today, August 16, after showing up in court for a child support hearing because he failed to pay more than $87,000 for his child with ex-girlfriend Summer Clary. Quintanilla had missed a previous hearing and was placed on the Top 10 Most Wanted List in Corpus Christi, Texas for contempt of court and non-payment of child support. At that time, he told TVyNovelas he was a “victim of a misunderstanding. Placing me among the top ten [Most Wanted] is totally unfair.”

At Quintanilla’s hearing on the 16th, he agreed to pay $130,000 in child support payments. The judge still remanded him to the Nueces County Jail where she asked him to sit and “think about two things. I want you to think about your responsibility as a father, and I want you to think of the rights of your child.” You can see the exchange below.

She also assured the former member of Selena y Los Dinos that she would have him back in the courtroom at a later date so they could discuss if he should “remain in the Nueces County Jail” or if he “understands what it is to be a father.”

Fans took to social media to express their shock at the news.

Others seemed to take the news less seriously and used this as a plea to get Quintanilla to link up with the Kumbia Kings again and to support his music.

But some have good wishes for him and hopefully, as the judge mentioned, Quintanilla uses this time to make things right with himself and most importantly, his child.

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